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Polar bears can have babies approximately once or twice per season. The birthing season for polar bears is typically between November and January.

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Do polar bears have babies?

yess polar bears have babies, all living animals have babies

What is a gray wolves pray?

Babies of Polar Bears on Mars Babies of Polar Bears on Mars

How do polar bears carry their babies?

Polar bears carry their babies on their backs. They also swim like that.

What are some differences of male and female polar bears?

Male Polar Bears are bigger than Female Polar Bears. and Female Polar Bears can have Babies.

What kind of babies do polar bears have?

New born polar bears are called cubs.

How do polar bears make babies?

They do it

How does a polar bears shelter look?

A female Polar Bears den looks like a little Cave and because a female polar bear has babies she has her babies in it.

How do the polar bears have babies?

the same way other bears do

Do polar bears have live babies or lay eggs?

Polar bears give live birth.

What are the polar bears babies called?


How many babies can polar bears have?

three or four

Do polar bears give birth to live babies?

Yes. Polar bears are mammals and mammals (except the platypus which lays eggs) give birth to live babies.

Why do polar bears live in the Arctic tundra?

If polar bears are in the heat to often, they will die.

Do dad polar bears eat the babies?

Father polar bears do not typically eat their young babies. This only happens under extreme cases where food cannot be found.

How do polar bears have babies?

They reproduce sexually. They breed and give birth to live babies.

Do polar bears give birth to their cubs?

yes, polar bears give birth to their own cubs. humans get their babies from storks.

How do polar bears adjust to changing temperatures?

by making babies

How cute are polar bears?

babies are adorable, moms are fierce

Can human babies develop inside polar bears?


How many can polar bears babies are born at a time?

5 Babies is the most that a polar bear can have but they will usually only have up to 2

Why don't polar bear mothers eat?

Polar bears often need to travel great distances to find food and the dens of mother bears are located far away from the water where they do their hunting so the babies are safe from male bears. They cannot leave the babies alone for the amount of time it would take to find a meal

What do polar bears do in their spare time?

Along with frolicking in the snow/ice, polar bears often relax.

Do polar bears often swim?

Yes, due to rising sea levels Polar bears often go for a quick paddle. The end

Where do the polar bears sleep?

in a cave or with it's babies curled up

How do polar bears feed their babies?

The same way your mama was feeding you .

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