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Oil filters should be changed every time you change the oil. Usually between 4,000 and 5,000 mile intervals. You should change your oil and oil filter every 3000 miles. My brother is a master mechanic and he told me that even though they say you can change your oil less often, 4 cyl. cars should still have their oil and filter changed every 3000 mile. It will help keep your car running for a long time. Old oil has flakes of metal, dirt, and other debris in it. Keeping it in your engine for a longer period of time is only causing more wear & tear on your engine.

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How often should the transmissin filter be changed on a 2005 Toyota corolla?

Recommended at every 25,000-30,000 miles

How often you need to replace fuel filter for Toyota Corolla 2005?

If it has a replaceable filter I recommend every 75,000 miles.

How often do you change the oil on a Toyota Corolla?

5000 miles

How often should the highlander fuel filter be serviced?

I have found that the filter should be changed around 90K in normal use and 60K in severe conditions. Toyota Tech.

What is wrong with my 95 Toyota Corolla engine loses power when idling?

A 95 Toyota Corolla engine that loses power when idling can have a number of different things wrong with it including clogged injectors, a dirty fuel filter, or fouled spark plugs. Performing a standard tune-up will often resolve this issue.

How often do you change transmission fluid on a 96 Toyota Corolla?

ten thousand miles

Where is a good place to find Toyota Corolla deals?

The best place to search for Toyota Corolla deals is with your local dealership. Often times, dealerships will have deals running, or you can look in your local paper for advertisements.

How often should oil be changed on a 2000 corolla?

About every 3000-6000 miles

How often should Toyota engine air filter be changed?

Maybe "mileage" isn't a proper determinant for whether the air filter needs to be changed?

How often should an air filter be changed?

When it is dirty.

How often should you change the filter on your fish tank?

Your tank filter should be changed every month. If your filter becomes clogged, it should be changed right away.

How often should you change your transmission fluid on your Toyota corolla?

If it is an automatic transmission every 30 thousand miles.

How often should an oil filter be changed?

Change the oil filter every time you change the oil.

How often does the Toyota cabin air filter get changed?

It all depends on where you live. The cabin filter blocks out dust and smoke. I average about 50 to 60, 000 miles before I change mine. but you may live in a dusty area so it may require that you change your more often. Instructions come with the cabin air filter when you buy it. Check the box before you buy it. On a Toyota it's usually behind the glove box.

How often should the pre filter be changed?

Pre-filter for what? You posted this question in the Fuel Filter category. So I must assume you mean the pre-filter on the fuel pump. That is changed when the fuel pump is replaced.

How do you change brake pads on a 2004 Toyota corolla?

Chilton's manuals can often be accessed online through your local library's website.

How often should brakes be serviced on a 2004 Toyota Corolla ce?

Inspect at least once a year, base service on what you see.

What section of diesel fuel system has to be changed most often?

The fuel filter.

How often does the oil filter need to be changed in a 2007 tundra?

whenever you change the oil

How often should a transmission filter be changed?

I recommend you change it every 75,000 miles.

How often do you change your fuel filter on your 2000 Toyota 4 runner?

As long as you are putting quality fuel into the tank the in-line filter will last quite a while. I had 100,000 miles on my stock filter with no problems and when I changed it at the 10 year mark the fuel came out clean. So 10 years or 100,000 miles is my advise

How often should you change the air filter on the Toyota Tacoma?

Change your air filter every 30,000 miles or sooner if you drive in dusty conditions.

How often do you need to change the oil filter on a 2007 Toyota tundra with a 5.7 engine?

Toyota recommends every 5,000 miles but you could do it sooner if desired

How often should filter in a car be changed?

Depends on which filter you are asking about. Oil Filter = Every 5,000 miles. Air/Cabin Filter = Every 30,000 miles. Fuel Filter = Every 50,000 miles.

What is best engine oil and filter for Toyota?

penzoil is good oil for any high milage, and the filter theres always going to be a good and a bad depending how often u clean your filter.