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They don't

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How often must the congress meet?

At least once every year.

How often must a congress meet according to the constitution?

It depends which countries constitution you are referring to.

How often does the President meet with Congress?

It has become customary for the President to meet once a year with Congress in order to give his state of the union address. President may also make special addresses to Congress on occasion. The president also meets with the leaders of Congress as needed.

How often does the legislature meet?

US Congress meets every year. Each state is different.

Where does congress meet-?

Congress meets in Washington, D.C. When they meet they are all together in the Capitol building.

Where does congress meat?

Congress meet in Washington DC.

Why does us congress meet?

Congress is the opposite of Progress...

When does congress meet?

They meet on the first Monday in December.

Where does the US Congress meet?

The Congress meets in Washington D.C.

How did the first continental congress meet?

how did the first continental congress

What is the regular session of a congress?

That period of time during which, each year, Congress assembles to meet. Meet regularly.

When was the congress supposed to meet according to the original constitution?

According to the original constitution, Congress was supposed to meet once a year.

How can you use rendevzous in a sentence?

Romeo and Juliet often agreed to meet at a secret rendezvous so that they could see each other.

Is Congress protected by the Secret Service?

No. Congress has its own special security force.

Where does Congress meet in Washington DC?

They meet in the U.S. Capital building.

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