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Q: How often does federal government meet?
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How often do the Australian Federal government meet?

The Australian Parliament is in Canberra.

Where the major branches of our federal government meet?

no answer

What is a federal law requiring a lower government to meet an obligation?

A federal mandate

A federal law requiring a lower government to meet an obligation is called a?

When a federal law requires a lower government to meet a particular obligation, this is referred to as a federal mandate. The Americans with Disabilities Act is an example of a federal mandate.

Where does the federal level of government meet?

Up my bum

What support is the government giving to job creation?

The Federal Government is printing trillions of Dollars and expanding the Federal Government in order to meet the needs of an expanding government. Eventually everyone will work for the Federal Government.

What building does Canada's federal government meet in?

there congress bilding

Did the new Federal Government meet in 1901?

Yes, in Melbourne.

Where do the major branches of your federal government meet and work?

washington dc

How often heads of government meet?


What does how often does the Ireland government meet mean?

The question "How often does the Ireland government meet?" is asking the frequency at which the legislative bodies convene and work on their duties.

Where do the major branch of our federal government meet work?

All three parts of our federal government have their main head quarters in the city of Washington D.C.