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How old are cameras?

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The earliest known references to cameras are in about 400BC in China.

2011-04-19 19:49:24
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Did old cameras use battery?


Did old cameras use film?

No they didn't

What do you prefer old camera or digital camera?

I prefer film cameras to digital cameras. The pictures look better.

Who buys old cameras?

voigtlander ca. 1955

Are there camera lenses for old cameras?

Absolutely YES.

What has the author Cyril Permutt written?

Cyril Permutt has written: 'Collecting old cameras' -- subject(s): Cameras, Collectors and collecting

What is a old camera?

old camera are cameras that are not new kinds they are small and the pictures are not really shown

What do cameras look like in the old days and facts about them?

it is vrey useful

What is the difference of an old camera and the new camera?

You will need to provide more information. There are thousands of types of "old" cameras (and perhaps several differing definitions of "old"), and as many "new" cameras, so you need to narrow the parameters of the question. Be more specific.

Where can one buy old cameras?

There are many places to purchase old cameras both online and at physical stores. Some of them are flea markets, yard sales, antique shops, camera stores, Amazon, and eBay.

Remembering Analog Cameras For A Camera Trade In?

When considering a camera trade in for a new digital camera, old analog cameras should not be overlooked as a trade in option. There are many analog cameras that are actually just as valuable, if not more so, than certain digital cameras. In particular, SLR cameras, cameras that have matching lens attachments, and cameras that can accept wide format film or high speed film are all still in use professionally and could be very valuable.

What is a similaritiy between old and new cameras?

They both take photos and have lens

Where were web cameras made?

in the old day they would make them and they still do in canada

Does a camera have a film?

The old old fashioned ones did. I'am not sure if our new ones do, we have memory cards for cameras today! And yes, we still do have cameras that need film to work. (Not wise to trust me, i'm just a moron)

Can old Yashica Dental Eye film cameras be converted to digital cameras?

Wish it were true- the Dental Eye was a great camera for intra-oral photography. Sadly, no.

What digital cameras are compatible with mac computers?

Most recent cameras are compatible with the Mac. Apple has an old list (dating from 2002) but it has not been updated lately probably because most cameras now work. (See links below)

Where did they get the name for the Emmy Awards?

From the image orthicon tube found in old TV cameras

What types of cameras are available at Cameras Direct?

There are many different cameras available at Cameras Direct. Cameras Direct has all sorts of digital cameras as well as video cameras. They have the Nikon D7000, Nikon D3200, Canon 7D, and many many more cameras for sale.

What are security cameras called?

The security cameras are called the CCTV cameras.

Are canon cameras good cameras?

Canon cameras are really good cameras for the price. They range from midgrade to high-grade cameras. They also sell cameras for basic photo taking and for photography purposes.

Are non digital cameras still worth using?

Of course, these cameras give you natural vintage look of the picture + the image looks more natural and realistic when you use film cameras. I know many people still preferring old leicas using film to capture images. I think every photographer keeps his old camera or plans to get one.

What are some of the different models of cameras that are sold on Amazon?

Amazon sells high quality cameras, Cyber Shot cameras, high definition cameras and digital cameras. These cameras are manufactured by Sony, Canon and Panasonic.

Is buying disposable Cameras a waste of money for the kids?

I think that disposable cameras are perfect for kids under twelve years old. Digital cameras can be pricey and kids tend to drop things. I also think that kids like to have actual copies of their photos and this will allow that.

What kind of cameras are compatible with a portable photo printer?

It depends on the portable photo printer, most photo printers work with any digital camera with a USB connection. Old style cameras and disposable cameras will most likely not be compatible with a portable photo printer.

How do cameras hurt the environment?

How do cameras hurt the environment? How do cameras hurt the environment?