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Tigers have to be able to hunt at a young age. By the time they are a few months old, they watch their mother hunt, and learn how to make a kill. By the time they are between six months and one year old, they are hunting on their own.

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Who is responsible for hunting tigers?

Bounty hunters first get payed by the people who wants the tiger's goods to sell it at high price then the bounty hunters start hunting tigers so the bounty hunters and the seller is responsible for hunting tigers

How old are owls when they start hunting?

1 year old

What do tigers like?

tigers like hunting and sleeping

Why are tigers decreasing?

because the hunting of tigers is increased

What do tigers do best?

Tigers do best at hunting , and sleeping.

What age did the aboriginals start hunting?

however old you are!

How do you hunt tigers?

you don't just leave tigers be Hunting tigers is illegal.

How do tigers get there food?

Tigers get their food by hunting many animals.

When does deer hunting season start in NC?

when does deer hunting start inNC when does deer hunting start inNC when does deer hunting start inNC when does deer hunting start inNC

When do lion cubs start hunting?

they start hunting at 6 months old, they watch their mother and learn from her, so they hunt in the same location as the mother.

Do tigers have fears?

yes tigers have fear because of hunting and killing the tigers they are getting excint

What are the laws on hunting tigers?

you CANT!!!!!!!

How do tigers move when hunting?

By walking.

What do tigers do at nighttime?

they go hunting

How do Tasmanian tigers get its food?


Why is hunting tigers a good thing?

Is is not good to hunt tigers. Tiger hunting is now banned worldwide to protect this endangered species.

What is the effect of hunting tigers?

Depending on your hunting skills: a) either a whole bunch of dead tigers or b) a whole bunch of dead you

Why is the hunting of a tiger banned?

The hunting of tigers is banned because they are an endangered species.

What is a tigers current habitat?

A tigers habitat is hunting alone and ambushing preys.

What animals do tigers cooperate with?

other tigers(in mating season)sometimes when hunting

How do baby tigers hunt?

baby tigers take hunting training from their parents

When do tigers start hunting for their food?

By the time cubs are around eighteen months old, they have learned how to capture their own food to be self sustaining. But, they began imitating and learning from their mothers at a much earlier age in play.

How can we stop illegal hunting of tigers?

we can stop to them

A cinquain poem on tigers?

Tigers Striped, Regal Hunting, Eating, Sleeping Beautiful Elegent Hunting Mammals Cougar this is also sometimes centered.

What are tigers vison?

Tigers have binocular vision which enables them to judge distances when hunting their prey.

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