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I belive the standard is the same in all states, and it goes by height and weight. I remember seeing those booster seat commercials and it was a rediculus heing like 4' 9" to ride without a booster, I would want to double check that answer though because it has been awhile since I have seen it.

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Q: How old can a child be to ride in the backseat without being in a car seat in the state of Indiana?
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What are the weight requirements for children in vehicles without child restraint seats?

60 lbs for the backseat and 80 lbs for front seat

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{| |- | Indiana has no emancipation statute. Have a child does not make one an adult. Being able to have a child does not mean one can take care of the child. You still must be 18 to be considered an adult. |}

How big does a child have to be in Indiana to legally ride in a car without a car seat?

about yay high

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