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How old can girl kiss adult in utahcom?


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Kissing is never illegal. Sex with minors is illegal.

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No, because 18 years old means legally an adult, and it is illegal for an adult to kiss or have any type of sexual intercourse with a 13 yr old girl, for she/he is 6 yrs younger. Plus, that's just disgusting.

Yes he can kiss her <><><><><> It depends on how old he is

The same way you would kiss any other girl.

Inappropriate. A 19 year old is a young adult, a thirteen year old is jail bait.

Yes a 13 year old boy can kiss a 13 year old girl. why not? when you play truth or dare and you dare your friend to kiss a girl dose he do it? or dose he chicken out?

Depends where you live. The girl, the adult, can get into trouble in some states for touching a minor a certain way and kissing would be in that category.

A 9 year old girl is too young to kissed in a sexual manner and any attempt to kiss her or get her to kiss you in this way is, in most countries, a crime.

If the girl likes the boy and the boy likes the girl then yes they can kiss.

It depends if she likes you and how old you are

um just kiss him if he likes likes you

Just kiss her like you would usally to a girl same or younger than you

it depends, did u like it or not besides why would u kiss another girl at 11?

Depends on the girl, and how old you are, and how long you've been dating. The best answer is that she is "ready" to kiss you, when she wants to kiss you. And to find out that you could always ask her...

Justin Bieber was 13 when he had his first kiss it was with a girl at his school at prom;)

If he is very trusted then yes, kiss him on the lips. :)

No. He is now 17 years old and a 10 year old girl is a minor child which means it would be illegal for him to kiss her. He could loose all that he has worked for.

Sure, if you want to and she's open to it, there is no reason not to kiss her, but make sure the girl wants to and respect that she may not always want to kiss or what have you.

It depends whether you are aloud to date.

That's an obvious question. It doesn't matter about the age, you can still kiss someone.

Just go up to him and kiss him when his friends are with or is better when no-one is around

No. He is now 17 and a 9 year old girl is a child. It would be illegal for him to kiss her.

yes. why not? there is nothing wrong with that

You should kiss a fifteen year old girl on the top of her forehead or either side of her cheeks. I'm pretty sure that's not the kind of kiss your talking about but hang out with the girl you like for a while and right before you have to go brush away her hair and gently stroke her ear and softly kiss her on her lips

tell him that you like him and be all sweet if he likes you gack and to afraid to kiss you you kiss him! You tell him that you like him. If he likes you back but to afraid to kiss you, you kiss him!

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