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mermaids get their tail any time thy chande to mermaids

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no, they have dolphin tails.

Mermaids aren't real so the person who made them up gave them tails.

In stories mermaids do have tails.

Mermaids' tails aren't any specific colors, and they can be whichever color you prefer.

Sailors thought manatees were mermaids because of their long tails.

Mermaids are not real, therefore their tail are also not real. However you can buy fake mermaids tails and people swim wearing them.

Mermaids are not real so you can't get tails like a mermaid

In fiction, they have the tails of fish, not buttocks as we do.

They are know for there tails and their sweetness DO NOT EDIT.....

Mermaids can not actually fart, per-say. They expel seaweed out of the tiny anus in their tails.

Mermaids and fairies are very different. One,fairies have wings mermaids have tails. Second of all, mermaids swim and fairies fly. Third,fairies are small mermaids are as big as humans.

Mermaids have the upper bodies of women and fish tails.

they come from the ocean.There bones are coral and there tails are from large fish tails or God just made them.

It is really hard to say since mermaids are mythological creatures and no one has ever seen one.

Mermaids are as real as your imagination can make them. They can be as old as you want them to be.

Perhaps in some work of fiction there are mermaids like that and there is nothing preventing someone from writing a story along those lines. In real life no, as mermaids are not real.

You can't see real mermaids since they are not real and do not exist. Mermaids are made up and make believe.

Mermaids have fish tails , you do not want to look like that!

Tails. Their tails are like the ones fishes have except half of their body going up is like what a person would have.

Mermaids have fish tails instead of legs and they wave or flap them up and down to glide through the water. Mermaids do not exist but if you want an example of what I mean, watch the Disney film "The Little Mermaid."

No the tails are made of fake scales, silicone, and wet suit

Mermaids have tail because it is easier for them. With their tail comes a great power, they are very fast swimmers and can escape nearly everytime. So they have a tail so they can swim quicker.

Mermaid tails are scaly like a fish but if touched it feels slimy like a jellyfish and it can come in any color it is also very big.

They got their powers on the episode metaporphis when they first discovered their tails