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For more information about the PA GED test, please visit To locate your nearest GED testing center:

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Q: How old do you have to be before you can take your GED test in Pittsburgh PA?
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Do you have to take GED courses before you take a GED test?

No, you don't. There is, however, a refresher book and test prep you can buy from most major booksellers.

Is a GED prep a GED test?

The GED Prep is the preparation work you need to do before you take the GED Test. The GED Prep includes all the learning, study and revision. The GED Test is the actual exam you sit at the end to find out your results.

Take an Online GED Test?

Did you know that you can take a practice GED test online? Taking an online GED test may be one of the best ways for you to prepare to take the GED and to earn the highest score that you can. You may want to start your GED preparation by taking an online GED test to identify your weaknesses. Work on those weaknesses, and then take the GED test online again to see how you improved.

when and where can i take the ged class and then the test?

Most Community Colleges offer the GED classes and then the GED test afterwards.

Can we take the Ged test online and be able to get into collage?

No, all states require that you take the GED test in person.

How can I take a good GED test?

There are several prep and training classes that you can take online but you can only take the actual GED test in an official GED center. The number one way to take the GED test is to prepare first with studying and once you are ready, find a GED Center to take the test. A GED Center Locator can be found online, one website that can help your GED center search is

Is the pre GED test for passing the GED?

The pre GED test is a practice test for learning how to take the GED test and pass it. There are several site online you can find that will provide a practice GED test for you to evaluate what areas you need to work on.

What exactly is an online GED practice test?

An online ged practice test is a way for ged candidates to assess their readiness to take their test. They can take practice tests and depending on their scores, can see if they are ready to take the real test or not.

Do you need to be a resident of North Carolina to take the Ged test. I'm from Flordia ?

No, you can take a GED test wherever you are a resident.

The Benefits of Taking an Online GED Practice Test?

Taking the GED can make anyone nervous. Before you take the GED test, ensure you are prepared by taking practice GED tests online. By practicing for the test online, you prepare yourself for the real test. With an online practice test, you can see what areas you need to study before taking the actual GED test. For example, if you do not feel confident in math, you can study for the math portion by taking the practice test and going over the information.

Where can I take a ged practice test online?

You can find a GED practice exam at: You can take a ged practice test on

Can you take the GED test at the age of 16?


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