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if you want to be a vet you have to finish your VCE so your age will proberly be about 23.

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Q: How old do you have to be to be a vet?
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How old are vets?

It varies from vet to vet.

My 12 year old black lab is gagging what can i do so she can stop or do i have to go to the vet?

Go To The Vet! Go To The Vet!

Are vet techs ever 40 years old or are most vet techs younger?

There are MANY Vet Techs who are 40+.

How old to do voluntary work in vet?

14 years old

How old is too old to spay a cat?

Ask the vet.

What is the retirement age for a vet?

the average retirement age for a vet is 30-45 years old.

How do you tell how old your gecko is?

go to the vet

How can you tell how old is your cat?

you can take it to the vet

How do you tell how old your boxer is?

Take him or her to the vet.......

What class can a forty two year old race motocross?

25+ vet A and vet B or 40+

How old is too old to go to vet school?

My pre-vet advisor, who is a veterinarian, did not attend vet school until her 40s (with children). You can attend any time. The later in life, however, the less you will remember from college.

I found a black bug that fly on my puppy he is only 7 days old what do i do for them?

see a vet see a vet

Can a 12 year old be a vet?

Yes. When he is older

How can you tell how old your dog is?

Ask your vet crazy:)

How do you tell how old is your dwarf hamster?

Ask a vet

How old is Cheris brown the vet?

wimoka and neemia

How do you tell how old my winter white dwarf hamster is?

Well honestly you should ask a vet. I have a winter white as well and I asked a vet and it turns out it was 1 years old

How can you put your 17 year old dog to sleep?

You take it to the vet and the vet will put it to sleep. It is the most humane way to do it.

How old do you have to be to start studying to become a vet?

There is no start or stopping point on learning anything. I am 12 and studying for it for when I plan to be a vet.

Why is my hamster dying he is 1 year old?

Take it to the vet.

What do you do if 6 week old kitten has a cold?

take it to the vet

How do you know how old you guinea pig is?

You can take she/he to the vet and figure it out,

How can you tell how old your new boxer dog is?

ask a vet

How old was Dr Mignon Nicholson when she became a vet?


Can a 11 week old puppy have loperamide?

. Get your puppy to the vet.