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Q: How old do you have to be to clean up in the hair dressers?
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How old do i have to be to clean up in a hair dressers?

In some cases it may depend on the owner. Some are 18 years and up. I have a friend who is fifteen years old and she works at a hair salon doing broom & beverages (cleaning and serving drinks). Now she has worked her way up and does all sorts of other stuff like washing hair, mixing hair dye, etc. She isn't qualified to cut hair though. You have to go to college and get a degree in beauty first. But she doesnt work at a really well known/extremely professional hair dressers like toni&guy, stefans, tsnaris, etc. Yeah so just go up and ask the hair dressers if your not quite sure.

How much can you get paid for sweeping up hair in a salon?

you wont get paid much if anything most salons have the receptionist do it or the corporate salons make the hair dressers sweep up their own hair

How do you make a tint?

just mix white with any other colour. Perhaps its your hair you want to tint though. Go to the hair dressers or you might end up with orange hair!! janetdavies

How do you clean up real oil spill From the ocean?

You can use Human hair to help clean up Oil Spills

How does head lice start?

If your hair is clean, lice crawl up into your hair and start to live in your hair (like a hotel) and lay eggs.

How does Head start?

If your hair is clean, lice crawl up into your hair and start to live in your hair (like a hotel) and lay eggs.

How old do you have to be to get your hair highlighted?

As long as you have hair 4 and up

How long do you have to be clean to pass a hair drugs test?

If you've had your hair for x amount of time, then anything up to x amount of time ago will show up on your hair drug test.

What type of vacuum cleaner is best for cleaning up pet hair?

A dyson is by far the best way to clean up any type of pet hair.

How do you be a diva?

by keeping your body clean and keep your hair up in not being nasty

What kind of asses grow hair?

asses that grow hair are ones that aren't clean because if germs build up in your pores, it stimulates hair growth.

Can hair be a fungus?

A person can only get fungus in their hair if they don't clean it properly. Hair is not a fungus because it is made up of human DNA, not fungus DNA.

How can you prevent lice?

You can prevent them by tieing your hair up and not touching heads with others. Also lice prefer clean hair. They dont like grease.

Clean hair for drug test?

you can't clean your hair folicules of your DNA. that's what they look at is your DNA and you can't take things out of that... i would suggest not doing drugs, that'll clana it right up!!

What is the best way to clean up pet hair?

A Lint brush comes in handy with removing pet hair, my dog has too sleep on my bed every night and his hair gets everywhere! so i always pick the hair up with a lint brush.

How a hairdresser should present themslves make up?

Well it's really up to you if you are working by yourself. If working in a salon with other hair dressers, you can ask the manager what is appropriate. To be safe just have something not too bright and scary, because you want to look welcoming for your clients.

What happens if you do not clean your horse brushes and combs?

They will load up with hair and dirt and won't be effective.

You smoked one hit of marijuana you were clean for over a year before that will this show up in a hair or urine test?

probably in a hair test but not in urine

How do you get eyebrow wax off of tile floors and counter tops?

use a hair dryer to melt it and quickly wipe with an old rag. This will get the bulk of it up. Then use some think that contains ammonia to clean up the residue. Windex with ammonia D...

Can you color hair that has mousse in it?

No. Your hair should be clean before you colour it so it should not have any styling products in it at all. This build up can block the colour from entering the hair properly.

Why do you wet the hair before cutting?

It makes the hair stay in place so you can more easily see which parts have and have not been cut, and keeps the hair in clumps that are easier to clean up.

Is it necessary for you to clean your pubic hair?

If you have it, yes - just like you clean your head hair. Even more so, perhaps, since you may ask someone to get up close and personal with you down there, and cleanliness is very important in that respect.

How old are you suppose to be to dye your hair?

12 because if you dye your before it messes up your hair

Can throwing hair from a comb or hairbrush clog up a toilet?

Yes, hair is one of the hardest things to clean out of a drain, maintance man.

How do you treat a hair straightner burn i have burnt myself with a hair straitner between my thumb and pointer fingerit has come up as a blister is there anything that i should do?

Clean with soap and cool water. Apply neosporeon. keep clean until it heals.