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Were could you fly a microlight?

the eygiption desserts

Who invented the microlight?

who invent of microlight

Do you need a license to fly an ultralight in Ireland?

Yes (see website `National Microlight Association of Ireland' under `FAQ')

How long does it take to fly to Wellington to levin?

You cannot fly from Wellington to Levin commercially. However, it would take approximately 15 minutes via a Microlight plane or similar aircraft.

What are microlight waves?

it is nice

What is microlight flying?

A microlight is a very small aircraft predominantly a two seater or a one seater. Its like a hang glider except it has and engine and a landing gear.

What is the minimum age for a microlight pilots license?

In Scotland you can fly solo from the age of 16 and u can apply for your NPPL/PPL when you turn 17. I assume it's the same for the whole of the UK

Words that have a micro prefix for vocabulary?


When was the microlite aircraft invented?

Although the exact date has not been established, aircrafts similar in structure to microlight planes were created towards the beginning of the 20th Century. Modern microlight aircrafts can be traced back to the mid-1970s.

What are the Words of old lady who swallowed a fly?

the old lady who swallowed the fly maget

What word has prefix of micro?

There are many, a lot of them modern "coined" words such as microlight (for a very small aircraft).

What is the smallest four or more seat aircraft?

It is the Cessena-406 Microlight aircraft which is only four seated.

Can the Dakota Microlight Carabineer Unisex Clip Watch hold and weight?

no it is made for holding keys only.

How old do you have to be to fly in a airplane?

14 to fly a plane.

How old do you have to be until you can fly by yourself?

you have to be ten years old to fly. i don't know why but this is true

How old is a 13 year old fly in human years?

the fly is about 179 in human years

How big a helicopter is?

They are all sizes from microlight single seaters to huge helicopters that lift 20 tons or more.

How old do you have to be to fly a sailplane?

14 years old to be able to fly solo (with required licence) in the U.S.

How old are baby cardinals when they fly?

They are about a week old.

How old are birds when they learn to fly?

Mth old

How soon after an owl is born can they fly?

they can fly when they are 2 months old

Can a 14 year old fly with her 18 year old sister?

Yes any age can fly with someone not their parent.

Can a 11 year old fly by herself?

It's not recommended. However a 13 year old can probably fly alone.

What is the old name for the horse fly?

I think you may be thinking of "Gad Fly".

Are birds born knowing how to fly?

No, they are not. Their mothers teach them to fly when they are old enough