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The state has no laws nor process available for early emancipation, with the exception of judicial procedure pertaining to guardianship responsibilities. The age of majority is 18, but it is not "automatic" it can be subject to approval of the court depending upon specified circumstances.

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Q: How old do you have to be to get emancipated in Massachusetts?
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Can a 15 year old move out with out parental consent in Massachusetts?

No, a 15 year old can not move out without parental consent in Massachusetts. A minor can only move out if they are legally emancipated.

Im 17 i live in Massachusetts and im in thedepartment of social services can i be emancipated?

im 17 i live in Massachusetts can i be emancipated if im in dss

Is a pregnant minor considered emancipated in Massachusetts?


How old do you have to be in Tennessee to get emancipated?

how can i get emancipated?

What are the terms for being emancipated in Massachusetts?

Can a 15 year old be emancipated in Iowa?

No a 15 year old can not be emancipated in Iowa. A child must be 16 years old in order to be emancipated in Iowa.

How old you do you have to be to be emancipated in the state of va?

You are emancipated when you turn 18.

How does a 21 year get emancipated?

A 21 year old is emancipated. In the USA, a normal 18 year old is legally considered an adult and thereby emancipated.

How can a 15 year old become emancipated in Canada?

A 15 year old cannot become emancipated. In Canada you have to be at least 16 before you can be emancipated.

Can a 16 year old get married to an 18 year old in Washington if emancipated?

yes but only if the 16 year old was emancipated.

How old do you have to be to get an emancipation in the state of Massachusetts?

Here's a link that provide some emancipation info for Massachusetts. It states (among many other things): "There is no formal procedure in Massachusetts for a child to become emancipated from his/her parents. Most judges will not grant a child emancipated status. However, a child may still file for emancipation in the Probate and Family Court of his or her county despite the lack of a formal procedure."

Can an eighteen year old be emancipated?

If you live in the US, an 18-year-old is a legal adult and therefore does not need to be emancipated.

Can a 15 year old get emancipated in Kansas?

According to Kansas state law. You must be 18 years old to be emancipated.

Can a emancipated 17 year old female marry a 20 year old in the state of Louisiana?

Yes, if the 17 year old is emancipated then they are considered an adult. They can make their own decisions and get married if they want. Parents can not stop an emancipated child from doing anything, the court considered an emancipated child to be 18 years old.

Is an 18 year old emancipated if pregnant in pa?

No, you are emancipated by turning 18 not by the pregnancy.

Are you emancipated if you are seventeen years old and have two kids?

if you are 17 and have two kids are you emancipated????????????

Can a emancipated 15 yr old enter into a legal contract?

If she's emancipated, yes.

What are the requirements in Virginia for a 15-year-old to get emancipated?

A 15-year-old cannot be emancipated in Virginia. You must be at least 16.

Can a 15 year old be emancipated in the state of Michigan?

No, a 15 year old cannot be emancipated in Michigan. You must be at least 16.

Does Massachusetts have an emancipation statute that allows minors to become emancipated?

Yes, it does. See link for laws.

At What age can a child leave home in Massachusetts without consent of parents?

Once you are emancipated or eighteen.

Can a emancipated 16 year old get married in La without parental consent?

Yes, if she is emancipated.

How do I become emancipated in Columbus Ohio?

How old do you have to be to get emancipated in columbus, ohio? And are there any rules? If so what are they?

How can a 19 year old be concidered emancipated?

if you are 19 there is no need to be emancipated you are already a legal adult

Can a pregnant 19 year old be emancipated in Puerto Rico?

After 18 you can get emancipated in Puerto Rico.