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The legal age to move out of your house with parental consent is 17 still your parents can make you come back home any time they want until your 18. Legally your parents cant make you leave your house if you don't want to until your 18.

Parents are legally responsible for their children until they are 18.

An action such as a minor requesting with whom they want to live and being granted said request is not the prescribed procedure in the U.S. In a very few states a minor who is at least 16-years of age can petition for emancipation rights. There is, however a misconception that every minor who files will be granted an emancipation decree, the reality is, it seldom happens. That aside, a minor in the U.S. does not arbitrarily decide where or with whom they choose to live. Such issues are decided by a judge after prescribed due process has been followed.

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Q: How old do you have to be to legally move out?
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