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Age for Purchasing a Moose Hunting License in Canada

In Canada the rules for hunting regulations are primarily set by the provincial governments. As a result there may be differences from province to province.

In BC, for example, there is no age restriction other then you need a Hunter Number. For out of country, I believe you have to be guided in order to hunt. IN Ontario A TWELVE YEAR OLD MAY HUNT WITH AN ADULT.

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Q: How old do you have to be to purchase a moose hunting license in Canada?
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Can a moose shoot a gun?

can a moose ask a question like that on wikianswers I think he has to obtain a hunting license first!

Does any country eat moose?

Oh yes! Where there are moose there are moose hunters, and they aren't just hunting for the prize of those large antlers! No, most hunters are hunting for some extra meat in the freezer. Canada, Finland, Sweden, Norway and parts of northern Russia have moose that are hunted for their meat.

What are the requirements for moose hunting in Canada?

Moose hunting in Canada begins in late August, and runs through mid December. Immediately after killing a moose, the appropriate tag must be affixed and securely locked to the animal through the space between the bone and the tendon of a hind leg, directly above the hock and around either the bone or the tendon.

How does the moose represent Canada?

are moose a synbol of canada?

Are there moose in Colorado?

Yes, but no hunting of moose is permitted there.

What is the best state for moose hunting?

The best states for Moose Hunting are probably either Alaska.Maine Montana or Minnesota. I do Know that you must be a permanent resident in Maine though. I'm from MichIgans UP So we Have moose and we also may have a season by 2015. Minnesota would not be the place to moose hunt. It is for residents only and even then you are at a lot of years to be drawn. The moose habitat has changed so much that the numbers are way down. I think there isn't even moose hunting in northwestern Minnesota anymore. If you can afford it, go Alaska or Canada.

What food to eat if you have one kidney?

I hear moose is quite popular to be honest, i'd organise a hunting trip to Canada if i were you.

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Toronto Canada Moose was created in 2006.

Is the moose Canada's national animal?

No the Beaver is Canada's national Animal, a moose is just indigenous to Canada

How do you say Canada has many moose?

"The northern country of Canada contains many moose."

What does the moose represent?

the moose represents canada but it also represents all the land animals in canada

Are moose hunted?

Yes. I'm from Canada and people hunt moose all the time. _____ Moose are also hunted in the US. For instance, when I was living in Montana, you could apply for a moose license, although the licenses were very limited and not available to everyone who wanted one.

Why are moose so important to Canada?

Moose are considered to be a part of our heritage, since primary habitat of moose and the largest population of moose found in a single country is Canada, and not anywhere else.

Why is the moose important?

Moose are very important to wildlife because they are a part of history. They bring people together, whether keeping a moose as a pet, or hunting a moose.

How long is moose hunting in Alaska?

to long

Where are moose found in Canada?

Pretty much everywhere! By some counts, there are 1 million moose in Canada.

Was sounder a hunting dog or a trumpet player or a bull moose?

Sounder was a hunting dog.

What part of Canada do moose live in?

Moose are found pretty well all over Canada except the prairies.

Where is the mammal moose found?

Moose are found in Canada and northern US.

Why is the moose a smybol of Canada?

Because they're from canada

Why are there hunting laws on moose?

So they don't get overhunted.

What country is the moose from?


Why does the moose represent Canada?

because the moose is most founded in Canada wow im 10 and i knew that

What is moose hunting?

Hunting moose consists of finding signs such as tracks, droppings and rubs (bark scraped by antlers), and following those signs to a moose. Moose are large and easy to spot without tracking. The hunter will consider the gender of the moose, its size, where it is located, the size of its antlers and the amount of meat expected from the animal when deciding whether to shoot.

Where in Canada can you find a statue of a giant moose?

That is at Moose Jaw ,Saskatchewan.