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Depends on your parents

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Q: How old do you have to be to shoot a 12 gauge pump shotgun?
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What is the value of Noble 602 G 20 gauge shotgun?

pump gun how old is it

How old is a savage pump 410?

A Savage pump 410 gauge shotgun is between 25 and 50 years old. Once a popular shotgun for recreational shooters, they are difficult to find due to their age.

How old is a 12 gauge pump shotgun serial?

In order to answer your question,you must include the Make of the shotgun,the model number,and serial number.

How old is the 12 gauge pump shotgun number 4482 serial number johnsmyth?

No published data.

How old is my browning shotgun?

In order for me to answer your question,I will need some more information from you.First is this shotgun a semi-auto,pump action,or over-under shotgun.I will need the model of shotgun.Then add the shotguns gauge(12 gauge,16 gauge,20 gauge)? I will need the serial number of your shotgun to date the year of manufacture.If you provide this info,I can then tell you how old your Browning shotgun is.

What is the value of a 50 year old j c Higgins 12 gauge pump shotgun?


How old is browning 12 gauge shotgun serial number 39746?

Is it a pump, bolt, over/under or semi-auto?

How old is a 12 gauge pump action shotgun with National Firearms Company on the side of the barrel?

100yrs give or take

How old is a Stevens model 77 C 20 gauge pump shotgun?

Your Stevens model 77C was made from 1955-1971.

Where can you search for the history of a shotgun by serial number?

12 gauge double barrel dual hammers on top serial #370943,how old is it,will it be safe to shoot

How old is the 12-Gauge Volunteer Single Shot Shotgun with serial number 755742?

i have a 12 gauge Black Bridge single shoot shot gun the serial number is A649620 CAN YOU TELL ME HOW MUCH I CAN GET FOR THIS

How old is the model 12 16-gauge Winchester with serial number 716544?

your Winchester model 12 pump shotgun was made in 1936.