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Anyone can buy the jewelry. You have to be at least 16 with a parent to get it pierced though.

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2011-08-06 07:01:53
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Q: How old do you need to be to buy a belly button ring?
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Can you get a belly button ring without getting your belly button pierced?

You can get belly ring clip ons u can buy belly rings n not have your thing done but y would u want 2 buy 1 if u cant wear it

How do you get a Fake Belly button ring?

All you have to do is buy a non-pierce belly button ring Try this type in Fake piercings on google and you can buy some online! You might also try clip-on and non-piercing as keywords. Fake can mean imitation.

How old do you have to be to buy a belly ring?

Dsnt matr

How to pierce your own belly button?

ive known people to use a safety pin , however a belly button ring has a much larger gaugue to it wouldnt advise it , if you want to pierce your own buy a self piercing kit online make sure it has eveything you need for your bellybutton piercing. i igot mine pro done

Where can you buy belly button body jewelry?

You can buy them from different Websites which produce them. Another way to get Belly Button Body Jewellery is buying them in a normal jewellery store or, of course, from friends.

Where can you buy a John Deere belly button rings?

Check out this link.

Can you buy fake belly piercings at Claire's?

No, but they sell magnetic earrings. You might have to go to a costume shop to buy a clip on belly ring.

Where can you buy cool unique belly button rings?

Ebay, or some places you can get a pendant and get it put onto the ring which makes it 'unique' but most are mass produced so they are not 'unique'

What should you do if the top ball of your belly ring breaks?

Buy a new one.

Can belly button rings get infected?

If not cleaned properly, belly button rings can get infected.Bacteria can get inside and therefore infect the naval.The best way to treat it is to buy sea salt spray and clean it.

What store can a buy a sterling silver belly button ring from?

Some higher end shops in your area may carry sterling silver or gold jewelry, but you will almost surely have to get this offline or order it through a shop.

Where can you buy sea salt water for belly button piercing?

Just buy regular salt, or you can go back I your Piercer and get something.

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