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i don't know where you are located but in new york state i believe its 1971(72) and older. but check with your loca dmv website

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Q: How old does a car have to be not to need a title?
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How old do you have to be to buy a car in Massachusetts?

You have to be 16 to buy a car in Massachusetts. You will need to title and insure the car in your name.

You lost the title to your old car and need it to get insurance?

Goto your local DMV and request a duplicate title.

Do you need a title to sell a 19 year old car in in ga?

Yes, you sure do.

What do you need to sell a car?

all you need to sell your car is your car title

How old does a car got to be for you not to have a title for it?

What makes you think you don't need a title for it ? Is this vehicle stolen or something? All vehicles need a title if they are to be driven on the street, wake up and smell the coffee!

How old does a car have to be in Georgia to not need a title?

A vehicles need a title to be registered/insure, show that you are the rightful owner. The year of the vehicle has no baring on needing to have a title. If the vehicle is from a junk yard, or totaled, a "salvage title" is available.

Bought old car in Alabama bill of sale only what do you need to title it in Pennsylvania?

You need to have your insurance card and license. You will need to pay a fee and take it to the title office in Pennsylvania.

Do you need a title to sell a car in Arkansas?

You can sell a car with no title but the consumer cannot register it without a title.

Does 1966 car need title to sell?

Yes you must have a title to sell the car. If you do not have a title contact your local DMV for advise on how to get a title.

Do you need title for car to get tags?

No. Everyone that need tags for a vehicle do not own the car. You only get the title if you own the vehicle. You will, however, need your registration.

Can you sell a cr without the title?

no you may not sell a car without a title if you want to sell a car you need a title

Do you need a title to sell a 20 year old car in nc?

Generally, yes. If you don't have it, it is possible for apply for a lost title at the DMV.

Can a car without the title be registered?

A new car yes, but a used car no. You would first need to apply for a title.

Can you sell a car title?

yes you can sell a old car title. i collect them. please tell me what you have and how to reach you.

What happens if you Car title loan in default and car is totaled?

Typically you need a car with insurance to get a title loan. If your car is totaled, the loan company are entitled to that money since they hold the title for your car.

What do you need to do to get a loan against your car?

A clear title for that car.

What do you need to get from the person that you buy the car from besides the car?

In addition to the car, you should get a signed, notarized title. The title demonstrates that ownership of the car was transferred to you.

How do you get a title to a vehicle?

My husband died in Nov. and I cant find the title to the car, that has both our names on it, how can I get the car in just my name in case I ever need to sell it, I need the title for the car insurance company too, thanks

I need a title for a car that was charged off 3 years ago?

You will need to go to your local DMV or county courthouse to apply for a lost title to receive a new car title.

Where can you sell a old car title?

i collect them. i buy old car titles.

If you are late on your car payment can they repossess it even if neither you nor the loan company has a title?

Yes it's their car you signed a lease they don't need a title to repossess their car. Title or no title they look up that information and have it mark on that title that the car was repossessed

What will you need to transfer your title if your name has changed on the title for your car?

You need your title, Valid ID and the certified document that changed your name.

If you have insurance on a car and you receive a another car as a gift do you need the title to the old car in order to get it insured?

Yes, there must be an insureable interest! Registered owner is always responsible

How do you register a car in California with no VIN or title?

It is not possible to register a car in California with no VIN or title. The owner of the car must produce a valid title for registration. If the car is too old and never had a title or VIN, the title can be applied for at the time it is registered. If the title is lost, a new duplicate title can be issued to the person named on the title.

You want to surprise your wife with a new car but she owns the car Can you sale your wifes car if you have the title?

If the car is titled in her name she will need to sign title to sell.