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2 to 3 month old depending what hamster it is

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Will an old hamster still mate?

it might not mate depending in its mode or if its to to old then it wont mate. really hope this is the answer u were looking for. bye

How old do female hamsters have to be until they can mate?

A female hamster can mate at 3 weeks, but if you are purposely mating them, it is best to have the female hamster at 8 weeks to borne healthy hamster pups.

How old do dwarf hamster have to be to mate?

Just a few months.

Is my hamster old enough to mate?

As long as it's not still a baby, probably. :)

When will winter white hamster start mating?

They can mate from 5 weeks old.

Can a female hamster mate with a female hamster?


Can a female hamster mate with a male hamster?


Can a female hamster mate with another female hamster?


Can a male dwarf hamster and a female teddy bear hamster mate?

No they can not only Dwarf hamsters can mate Dwarf hamsters Only Teddy bears can mate Rex hamster or teddy bear hamster or Regular hamsters.

Are hamster dad use leas?

ya...? sure is it...coz if ur hamster has mate with the female hamster will not mate anymore..i mean when baby was born will not mate anymore...bcoz male hamster tyhink that ios the female ehamster born with other male hamster

How do you make a hamster pergnant?

You get a hamster of the opposite sex to mate with it.

Can a dwarf hamster mate with a fancy dwarf hamster?

yeah of course they can hamsters can mate with all different hamsters

Do you have to have a boy hamster and a girl hamster to be able to mate?

to get the female hamster pregnant you have to have a male

How do you made my hamster happy?

you can carry them and play with it or you can buy another hamster as a mate for your hamster.

If a boy hamster does not want to mate but the girl hamster wants to mate and so it causes a fight what do you do?

put beer in there hamster water bottel and he will be laid in ten minute!

Can a female panda hamster mate with a male black bear hamster?

as long as it's a boy and a girl and they like each other they can mate with any kind of hamster

Can a hamster get pregnant naturally?

No, a hamster needs a mate to become pregnant.

Can the dad hamster mate with his daughter?

Yes, the father hamster can mate with his daughter just like the mother can mate with a son or brother. Hamsters generally are not picky about their partners.

Can a male hamster still try to mate with a pregnant hamster?

no, but you must take the male hamster away from the female hamster

I have a male hamster and i want to get a female hamster will they fight or mate?

They will mate if you put them together but they might fit also They will mate if you put them together but they might fit also they will mate but they might also fight to

How do you make a hamster?

A female and a male female hamster must mate in order to create another hamster.

How many female hamster can a male hamster mate?

as many as they want! woahhooooooooooo!!!

Can a Short-Haired Syrian hamster mate with a Panda Bear hamster?


Is your hamster ready to mate?

If you mean mine personally, then yes they could. But I'll assume your question is "when is your hamster ready to mate?" They can reproduce at 6 weeks, but for the hamsters health, its best to wait until they are a few months old. But breeding is not advised. Really.

Can a hamster and a mouse mate?

No, they are different species.