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How old does a kid need to be to ride with someoneto ride alone?

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I am not sure what exactly you are asking, But here is some general information that might help you out. Also, if this doesn't answer your question you can also contact your local DMV office they usually have the information on age requirements/laws for various activities such has ATV driving, Back of trucks riding, new driver requirements. Also your local police station could can adivise you of your state laws and requirements etc. Since each state has different laws on such issues it is recommended that you also check with them first, but here is some general information for your question. ATV drivers/riders: Must be at least 16. Riding the back of a truck bed: Must be at least 16. (some states have outlawed this entirely, check with your state). New Drivers: Learners permit holders: Must drive with a licensed driver who is at least 21 and they must be in the front passenger seat next to driver. Special considerations can apply for example: Driving to and from work. Check with your local DMV office. Also, drivers with a learners permit generally are not allowed to drive from sunset to sunrise even with a older licensed driver in the car. Drivers who have just received their license may not be able to drive during those times for up to 6 months. Check with your state requirements. I do not know the requirements for dirt bikes. If your child is younger than a driving age, it is usually based on your descretion on who you allow them to ride with in the car and as long as they are adhereing to the seatbelt, child restraint requirements for your state and/or riding with a licensed driver this excludes drivers with only a permit. I hope that this helps. Cheryl

2006-07-30 05:43:28
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