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you cant put a debt in your bankruptcy that is less than 6 months old.

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Q: How old does debt have to be to bankrupt it?
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If a mortgage company goes bankrupt can the company that bought them out legally collect on your old debt?


What does To be in Queer Street mean?

To be in debt or bankrupt

A person who is unable to pay his debt?


What state has the biggest debt?

Ca. We are almost bankrupt.

What does bankrupt mean in a sentence?

His business went to the dogs and he was declared bankrupt. He was unable to pay his debt and was declared bankrupt. His creditors got nothing as he was declared bankrupt.

You owe about 45k on credit card debt and the debt relief agency will not work with you because you have no income what do you do?

Go bankrupt.

Where can you get a copy of your bankruptcy? is an excellent place to get your bankruptcy records online. They are fast, and cheap! They also have some good free information about what to do when debt collectors try to go after your old bankrupt debt. Hope this helps, Raymond

What is the status of subordinated debt?

When a company goes bankrupt a debt can go into subordinated debt. This means the subordinated debt has a lower priority than other debts. Typically this has a lower rating of credit.

Is it true bankrupt above age 60 can be discharged?

Depends on the type of debt.

Can a landlord sue you for past debt on a lease if he went bankrupt on the property?

Sure can.

Does a lien hold if the company goes bankrupt?

unless it is written off by the court, it does. I would assume that it would be listed as debt by the party going bankrupt.

If you have credit debt and that institution files bankruptcy do you still have to repay?

Yes. The bankrupt institution will pass your debt to its creditors that it owed money to.

Can you get debt relief after filing bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy IS debt relief. After filing bankrupt, you HAVE no more debts. No credit, either, but that's the way it works.

Can a bankrupt company demand payment of debt?

Only if they cannot provide services to you that were paid for.

Another word for broke?

Bankrupt, unemployed, poor, penniless, in debt, indigent, destitute

Can you go bankrupt on a child support debt?

No - child support debts are not discharged in bankruptcy.

Who is responsible for a corporation debt?

The corporation is responsible for the corporation's debt. Normally, there is a financial officer who pays the bills. If the corporation fails and goes bankrupt, people simply do not get paid. If the company is bankrupt and there is money, a judge appoints someone to pay according to a plan.

If a debt is not reaffirmed by a creditor is the debt discharged in a bankruptcy?

The creditor is the lender. The bankrupt is the debtor. The lender never has to re-affirm he wants to get paid back.

What is the LDC debt crisis?

LDC debt crisis is where countries can't meet their global financial obligations thus the country is bankrupt. Greece is now in its 5th year

Why did THQ go bankrupt?

Basically because management made a couple errors, couldn't pay the debt and it died.

Can a lender garnish wages after foreclosure?

The courts can if the debt wasnt repaid, the only way out is to setle or go bankrupt.

Can you bankrupt a mortgage?

No, a mortgage is a debt, and can't be bankrupt. Only a debtor can be bankrupt, i. e., unable to meet obligations as they become due. If you mean, can you file bankruptcy and either surrender the property (c. 7) or get caught up by a c. 13 plan, yes, of course.

Collecting debt from a company filing bankruptcy?

This is not a question. Good luck. If the question is, "Can one collect unsecured debt from a bankrupt company?" The answer is, "only if property is administered by the trustee."

Can a credit collection agency still sue you for unsettled debt even if the original creditor was listed in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Of course. Your saying the person/co you owed money to (the creditor) went bankrupt. So? His/its bankruptcy does not relieve or change YOUR debt in any way...whether he transferred the debt or not, before or after filing. In fact, the debt you had to that bankrupt party is an asset of its. Hence, when he declared bankrutpcy it is very commonly given to one of HIS creditors as a way to pay them.

If the child support is retro does it matter if the father file for bankrupt?

Child support debt cannot be charged off in a bankruptcy.