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10-12 years

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What type of seal lives in antarctica?

The Southern Elephant seal, Crabeater seal, Weddell seal, Leopard seal and Ross seal.

What is the difference between a leopard seal and a seal?

leopard seals have spots like a leopard and a seal is just gray

Is a leopard seal vertebrate or a invertebrate?

The Leopard Seal is a Vertebrate.

When was Leopard seal created?

Leopard seal was created in 1820.

How did the leopard seal get its name?

The leopard seal got the name because it has the same coat as as a leopard

What oceanic zone do leopard seals live in?

The Leopard Seal lives in the Antarctic. It is found typically in the Southern part of Antarctic along the coast.

What does the leopard seal do?

The Leopard seal just eats, swim, live and have babys

How fat does the leopard seal get?

A leopard seal can weigh up to 840 pounds

What are some special features of the leopard seal?

special features of the leopard seal

How old can a Leopard live up to?

A leopard lives up to twelve years in the wild.

Is the leopard seal the biggest seal or is it the elephant seal and does the biggest seal live in antarctica?

The elephant seal is the largest carnivore on Earth. There are two types of elephant seals: Northern elephant seal and Southern elephant seal. The Southern elephant seal lives in sub-Antarctic and Antarctic waters. The Northern elephant seal lives near California and Baja California.

Are the adaptations of a leopard seal the same as seal?


How many babies can a leopard seal have?

The Leopard Seal has one pup at a time, and maybe even two.

How much does a Leopard Seal weight?

The Leopard Seal weight can be up to 840 lbs or 380 kg

Is the leopard seal endangered?


What leopard seal do?


What is leopard seal?


What are facts about the leopard seal?

A leopard seal played a part in Happy Feet but it was more viscious then they really are in the movie.

What would win an ice dragon or a leopard seal?

I think an ice dragon would obliterate a leopard seal!

What do leopard seals usually eat?

The leopard seal is also known as sea leopard. It is one of the biggest seals in the Atlantic. The leopard seal eats krill and fish, but mostly they eat penguins.

How are the leopard seal and the harp seal different?

They are different species!

How did the leopard seal got his name?

From it's leopard like face

Is a leopard seal a herbivore or omnivore?

Neither, Leopard seals are carnivores.

How do you spell leopard seal?


Is a leopard seal dangerous?