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How old is Joe from the Jonas brothers?

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He was 20 in 2009 ALL GOOD FANS KNOW THAT !

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How old was Joe Jonas when the Jonas brothers started performing as the Jonas brothers?

I believe Joe Jonas was 16 years old BELIEVE IT OR NOT

How old was Joe Jonas when they first made the Jonas brothers?

He was 16 years old.

How old is joe and nick in the Jonas brothers?

joe is 19 and nick is 16!!!!!

Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas?

Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas are brothers. They are two thirds of the band The Jonas Brothers.

How old are all the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers ages are: Kevin=21 Joe=19 Nick=16

How old were the Jonas Brothers when they first became the Jonas Brothers?

Nick was 13. Joe was 16. Kevin was 19.

Who old is Jonas brothers?

Kevin Jonas is 21 years old. Joe is 19, and Nick is 16.

How old are the members of the Jonas brothers?

Nick Jonas is 16. Joe Jonas is 19. Kevin Jonas is 21.

How old was Joe Jonas when he first joined the Jonas Brothers band?

I was about 15 or 16.

How old was Joe Jonas when he sang his first song?

The Jonas brothers were about 10 or 11.

How old is are the Jonahs Brothers?

Kevin Jonas is 21, Joe Jonas is 19 and Nick Jonas is 16

How old are Joe Jonas brothers?

Joe - 19 Kevin - 21 Nick - 16

How old are each one of the Jonas Brothers?

Nick Jonas is 16 Joe Jonas is 19 Kevin Jonas is 21

What is the Jonas brothers real age?

Kevin Jonas is 21 years old.Joe Jonas is 20 Years Old.Nick Jonas is 17 years Old.

How old are tje Jonas brothers?

Nick Jonas is 16, Joe is 19, and Kevin is 21.

Who is the leader of Jonas Brothers band?

the leader of the Jonas brothers band is joe Jonas!

What are the talents of Joe Jonas?

Joe Jonas is the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers

Are Jonas and joe Armstrong brothers?

Jonas and Joe Armstrong are not brothers - apparently not related at all.

How old are the Jonas Brothers 2010?

In 2010 The Jonas Brothers Will be Joe: 21 Nick: 18 Kevin: 23 frankie:10

Have old are the Jonas Brothers?

nick Jonas is 15 and Kevin Jonas is 20 and joe Jonas is 17 and Frankie the bonas Jonas is 7

What do Nick Jonas do?

Nick Jonas is a 15 year old boy in a band with two of his brothers, Joe and Kevin. They play in a band called the Jonas brothers.

Who's Joe Jonas?

If you are asking that question you should see the Jonas brothers TV show on Disney channel! Joe Jonas is the hottest Jonas and leader of the Jonas brothers band his brothers Nick which is now 17 and Kevin which today turned 24 or 25 and he is 20 years old Joe Jonas is the best funniest and the hottest person ever.

How old is Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers?

Joseph Adam Jonas is 21 at this point born 15th of August 1989

Why is Joe Jonas is famous?

joe Jonas is famous because he is a singer in the "JONAS BROTHERS"

Where was joe born from Jonas Brothers?

Joe Jonas was born in Arizona!