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A dog year is equal to about 7 human years.

So 14 * 7 = 98. So the poor little thing has got it's pension.

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Q: How old is a 14 year old Yorkshire terrier in dog years?
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What are the characterists of a Yorkshire terrier?

Yorkshire Terrier is an energetic, brave, loyal and adventurous dog.

What type of breed is a Yorkshire terrier?

Yorkshire Terrier is the name of the breed; it is a type of dog.

What kind of dog is Samantha Boscrino's dog?

A Yorkshire Terrier

What have breeders done to modify the Yorkshire terrier dog?

they bred it with the Australian Terrier to get the Silky Terrier.

Is a 16 year old Yorkshire Terrier the oldest one around?

My mother owned a female Yorkshire Terrier in Australia who lived until the age of 24. I'm not aware of any other Yorkies older than 24,and this was in human yearsBilly a Yorkshire Terrier is believed to be the oldest living dog in the world. He is a 22 years old canine , which is equivalent to 154 human years. The current holder of the title with the Guinness World Records is 21 year old kelpie cross Sako from Melbourne, Australia.

Is a Yorkshire terrier a type of fox?

no, it's a dog

What type of dog does kelly rowland have?

Yorkshire Terrier

What breed is mileys dog?

Yorkshire terrier

What mix of dog is a chorkie?

Chihuahua and the Yorkshire Terrier

What is the life cycle of the Yorkshire terrier?

a Yorkshire terrier has a lifespan of 12-15 years.. Smart and self-assured, the Yorkshire Terrier is a combination of endearingly small size and adventurous terrier spirit.

What breed is the dog in sharpay's fablous adventure?

Sharpay's Dog Is A Yorkshire Terrier

What breed is Kenny ortega's dog?

Kenny ortega's dog is a Yorkshire terrier