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60 years old and worth 500

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Vincent Booker

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โˆ™ 2022-06-28 16:36:21
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Q: How old is a Kenmore Model 117-552 sewing machine and what is it worth?
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What is your Kenmore sewing machine worth?

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How much is a 1962 model 90 Kenmore sewing machine worth?

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How old is Kenmore sewing machine model number 1516?

I bought my Sears Kenmore sewing machine, Model 1516, in 1972.

What year was Kenmore sewing machine model 1946 made?

Kenmore sewing machine model 1946 are circa 1977

What would the age of your Kenmore Vintage Sewing machine be - the model 14814220?

There is not a model 14814220 for the Kenmore Vintage Sewing machine; this number is the part number.

Where can you get a manual for Kenmore Sewing Machine MODEL 158.14000?

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What is the value of a Kenmore sewing machine model number 117591?

i have no idea. I own a sears Kenmore sewing machine model # 117591. What year is it and what is the vintage value?

What is the age of this sewing machine Kenmore model number C87715?

What year was the Sears Kenmore Sewing Maching Model 158.350 made?

What year was Kenmore sewing machine model 95 manufactured?

We purchased our Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 95 on 28 September 1967. My wife is still using it.

What is the vaule of a 1957 rare two tone Kenmore sewing machine - model 117.720?

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What year was Kenmore sewing machine model 1249 manufactured?

the Kenmore 1249 sewing machine was make in 1979-1980 tj-girl

What year was Kenmore Model 1231 sewing machine made?

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