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impossible to answer without the name of the maker

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if it's a revolver......32 cal revolver ammo if it's a pistol......32 cal pistol ammo

The metal ring on a pistol or revolver is called a lanyard ring. A lanyard is a piece of thin cord, that clips to the ring, and then is looped around the shoulder, usually as part of a military or police uniform. It's been a while, but US and UK military police used to use lanyards as part of the military uniform from about World War I to the recent past.

Not much information to work on, but Smith & Wesson made the Military & Police revolver for many years, and now make an auto pistol using that designation.

Colt M1911 chambered with the .45 ACP. No pistol has been made that is better than the original Colt. Still used today by some military and police. The Smith & Wesson K22 is the best revolver ever made.

Many civilians, police and military.

A good starting point would be to contact Webley & Scott- they are still in business, have a website and an email contact on their site. There are at least 3 handguns that may (at a stretch) fall into the category of a Webley & Scott .38 pistol- the Webley-Fosberry Automatic REVOLVER (somewhere between a revolver and an auto pistol) the Webley Metropolitan Police auto pistol in .380- but I expect you are looking at the W&S Military and Police in .38 Auto. These are rather scarce, made in the early 1900s, and only for a brief time. Sales seems to fall in the $2500-$3000 range. See link below for a picture-

Depending on condition, your Charter Arms revolver is worth about $180-220.

Military police officers wear military uniforms.Added: Displayed on the military uniforms of their particular branch of service are badges, similar to civilian police badges, and/or they wear armbands or, sometimes, distinctive hats or helmets, and/or white pistol belts, so that they stand out from the usual military uniform. And, unlike other member of the military outside of a war zone, they are always armed with a sidearm

I think that you mean "pistol" instead of "positive". I have one of these and it is indeed a pistol. Was that the question? "Police Positive" was a Colt trade name. If the revolver has a square grip it is probably the model known as the "new police" and if it has a rounded grip it is probably the model known as the civilian "new pocket". It's hard to believe but the little dinky .32 revolvers were the standard Police issue around the turn of the 20th century.

no, its a single action pistol what uses blanks

Need a better description. Is it a pistol or revolver? What are the markings on the barrel or slide? is it a single action(cowboy gun)? is a double action(police gun)?

The military overrides the police when it comes to decisions. The MPs, or military police, are still considerred police but can override any police order, even state police. Also, if things get bad enough, the police has to call the military

it's a pistol............

9 mm is a European caliber. It is approximately equivalent to a 38 or 357 magnum. The 9 mm refers to the diameter of the barrel. It has nothing to do with the way the pistol is made. It can be a revolver and used like any other revolver or it can come as an automatic with a clip in the handle. The Germans used it in World War 2 just like the English and Americans used the 38. For a while police departments used it. However, police departments have mainly gone over to a 45 caliber automatic.

The motto of Military Police Corps - Israel - is 'Military Police - People First'.

What do you want to know???

Yes. Every officer has a pistol (most 9x19mm) and there is also a machine pistol (most MP5 by HK) in every police car.