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Sometime between 1886 and 1916 For more info contact John Callahan 53 Old Quarry Rd Westfield Mass 01085 $15 per gun

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Q: How old is a Stevens shotgun that says J Stevens Arms and Tool Co?
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Who manufactured a Central Arms Co shotgun serial 3016 with Patent Feb 10 1914?

Central Arms shotguns were made by several manufacturers, but that patent date says J Stevens Arms and Tool Co.

What year is a J Stevens 522 pump shotgun?

If your gun says " J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. " it is pre-1920 and post 1910 or maybe a few years earlier. Information to that degree of detail is hard to come by. If it says " J. Stevens Arms Co. " it is post 1920, after Savage purchased the factory. It is a very hearty, stout and reliable shotgun. It is a utility grade shotgun that is very well made. I am refinishing the furniture and exterior steel on mine. The action needed no attention but cleaning. Not bad for a 100 Year Old Shotgun.

How much is an old single shot shotgun made by the j Stevens arms and tool company with number g571 on it and it says on the side j Stevens arms and tool co Chicopee falls mass us?

MOST of the single shot shotguns do not have really high values. The Stevens is a good gun- dependable, reliable, well made- but not a lot of collector interest. Depending on condition, a Stevens single may be worth between $50-$175. I keep a few of the singles around as loaner guns to new shooters- they are a very good shotgun for a "first shotgun".

Who manufactured the sears robuck model 20 12 gauge shotgun?

Savage Arms and J Stevens made the J. C. Higgins sears robuck and company shotgun. If you look on on the right side of it should say Stevens model (whatever model # it has here) like mine says (Stevens model 311A)

About a 16 gauge shotgun with J Stevens Arms Co Chicopee Falls it has a 94A and 21 with a circle around it it also says Springfield on the barrel?

Whats it worth

J Stevens arms company 410 shotgun model number 58A how can you find the date of this weapon?

Most of all Stevens shot guns give the date on the top of the barrel , mine says it right where it breaks. April 12,1913.

When did Stevens arms make the westpoint model 167?

Yes. I have one. It says Stevens right on the receiver.

Stevens 12 or 16 ga shotgun The name on the side says J Stevens arms company Also on the top it has patented August 12 1913 Does anybody know how old this shotgun may be?

I'm interested in the same info. I have a 12 guage that only says Long Tom and August 12, 1913. I don't see the "J Stevens" anywhere. Where do you find that? This was my Father's gun that he bought used around 1935. That's all I know about it.

When and where was the Springfield Armory Savage shotgun manufactured no serial number on it?

Are you sure it says ARMORY and not ARMS?

What is the age value and manufacturer of a 16 gauge Central Arms Model 1929 single shot that says Proof Tested 16C on the barrel?

This will be a Stevens shotgun made circa 1930-1948. It would bring $35 to $80 depending on condition.

Where was an Imperial Arms 12 gauge double barrel shotgun made?

Mine says made in Hungary on it.....

Wwhen was a 12 gauge shotgun made by diamond arms gun com that says army steel choke bored and has q 602 at the behind the trigger?

My shotgun says patent 1900 everything else seems the same

Is it normal for a Riverside shotgun to not have what gauge it is on it anywhere?

I have a 1913 model 16 ga riverside arms shotgun . all it says , is the date made and company so on mine there is no ga. indication .

Where can you find information about a 410 single barrel shotgun made by Diamond Arms Co St Louis and marked 410 bore or 12 mm high pressure one piece barrel on top of the barrel?

Diamond Arms was a trade name used by Shapleigh Hardware Co of St Louis from the late 1800s to about 1950. The guns were made by G. B. Crandall, Harrington & Richardson, Hopkins & Allen Arms, J. Stevens Arms Co, and probably a few others. A 410 single shot is most likely a Stevens product. If that statement about one piece barrel actually says "barrel and lug forged in one piece" it is a Stevens. If it says "barrel and lug forged in one" (exactly the same except no "piece") it is by Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works.

Did Remington arms make a mod 37 shotgun a guy you know says he has one Not sure if you believe him?

no, it's a 22 rifle.

When was a Chicopee Falls Mass Arms Co 12 gauge 30 single shot made?

patented Dec. 11. 1900 probably a Stevens modelAnswerThe date mentioned in the first response is indeed a J. Stevens patent. Shotgun Markings says that Massachusetts Arms single shotguns by Stevens were made "1920 and later". If that date does not belong with the gun in the original question, the REAL Massachusetts Arms Company made a few shotguns in Chicopee Falls between 1860 and 1893. These would have an unusual tip-up action and look a bit odd when compared to a modern single shot top-break.

What is the age and value of a Stevens model 57 22 long rifle says J Stevens arms company chicopee falls Mass?

this is a misprint. It should be a model 75 rather than a 57 as it appears in the question.

If the driver says someone gets shotgun then do they get it?

ShotgunIf a driver says someone gets shotgun, he/she means that they get the front passenger seat.

What is the value of a hammerless double barrel shotgun that says Riverside Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass patented April 20 1915 on the side and is this a Stevens 311?

This is likely a Stevens 315 I also have a hammerless double barrel shotgun but it has J Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass patented April 20 1915.The way I was told to tell what model it was,by the length of the upper tang.The model 315 has a 2 5/8" Tang and a model 515 has a Tang of 2 7/8".My gun is the model 315 and from the J Stevens name I have been told that it was made between 1915 and 1936.As far as the value goes I have seen them go for between $250.-$400. I got mine at a garage sale for $100. 5 years ago.

Need to know the year made and current value of a J Stevens pistol 22 cal with 6 inch blued steel break top Serial numbers 38937?

It also says J. Stevens tool co.

Riverside Arms 16 gauge single shot shotgun with no other markings other than the number 60002 engraved inside the forearm what can you tell me about it?

The only reference I have for Riverside Arms says that they were made by Stevens, J Arms (who are now owned by the Savage Arms Co.). Riverside Arms was probably a trade name for one of the large wholesellers operating during the early 1900's. The fact that the gun has a s/n implys that it was indeed made by a major manufactor (many of the low cost guns of that era did not), which reinforces the above reference.

Was the Springfield 53b made by Stevens?

Yes, I believe it was. I have a Model 53-B (single shot .22LR) and it says on the barrel 'SPRINGFIELD MODEL 53-B, Manufactured by J. Stevens Arms Co., Chicopee Falls, Mass. U.S.A.'

What is age of a J Stevens single shot 12 gauge shotgun?

Well i think it might have been made sometime in 1913, send me a picture if u have one . My father has one him self to and i was wondering the price on it. There is no way to find an exact date of manufacture, but "J. STEVENS ARMS COMPANY" was the name used after Stevens became a division of Savage Arms in 1920. If you know it is at least 80 years old, that narrows it down to a 4 year period. Hate to confuse you further, but, according to "Stevens Pistols and Pocket Rifles" by Kenneth L. Cope, the markings "J.StevensArms" was used as early as 1886! I have a rather modest collection of antique Stevens firearms. If you wish, email me a picture of your gun and I`ll try to identify it for you. Flayderman * 1864-1886 J. Stevens & Co. * 1886-1916 J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. * 1916-1942 J. Stevens Arms Co. The Blue Book * Founded 1864 as J. Stevens & Co. * 1886 Changed to J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. * 1916 Plant sold to New England Westinghouse for manufacture of Mosin-Nagant Rifles. * 1920 Sold to Savage Arms and manufactured guns marked J. Stevens Arms Co. * This designation dropped in late 1940's and only the name Stevens used up to 1990 when it was discontinued. The Standard Catalog * 1864 began business as J. Stevens & Company * 1888 incorperated as J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company * 1920 taken over by Savage Arms. I'd say that if it doesn't include the "AND TOOL" part of the name, it's a Savage/Stevens made after 1920. Joe - about $75 in good useable condition. Not a lot more even if in Excellent condition. to whom this may concern My stepdad has one of these shotguns that when bought it came with two barrels one is a 12 and the other is a 20. He has told me that the barrels where 10 and 12 but on my findings it was the other way. On the 20 gauge barrel it says J.Stevens A&T where it was produced and the patent date sept 6 1864 that is stamped big. On the other barrel it is printed very small. I was told that it was bought new by his great grandfather or his great great grandfather it has been use by my stepfather many time when he was a kid it still functions but he will not let me take and shoot it once it does not look pretty but when your well over a hundred years old time takes its toll.If anyone wants to know something about it you can email me at == Fladderman's is referring to the company name changes and not necessarily the MARKING name changes. Here is what the only definitive reference book on Steven's guns says concerning the markings on the guns: 1864-1886 "J. Stevens & Co. Chicopee, Mass. Pat. Sept. 6, 1864" or "J. Stevens & Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. Pat. Sept. 6, 1864" ............................................................................................................................... 1886-1916 "J. Stevens A & T Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. USA Pat. Sept. 6, 1864" or "J. Stevens Arms Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. USA" .............................................................................................................................. 1916-1942 "J. Stevens A & T Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. USA" ................................................................................................................................... Reference: Stevens Pistols And Pocket Rifles by Kenneth L. Cope, publ. Museum Restoration Service, 1971. I happen to have a Stevens single barrel 12 GA with a known family history going back to the 1913-1915 period when it was first used and it has the marking "J. Stevens Arms Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. USA" which puts it in the pre-1916 period, so it holds true.

Where can you find information on an Excel 12 gauge shotgun?

well good luck trying to find info i'm in the same boat but i have a 16 gauge that simple says Excel on the side and a feww letters and numbers stamped in by were the trigger gaurd screwa down The Excel trade name is found on shotguns made by Crescent Firearms Co, Crescent-Davis Arms Corp, Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works, and the J. Stevens Arms Co.

Where is the serial number on a j Stevens side buy side 16 gauge located. All it says is springfield j Stevens arms company chicopee falls mass?

Look on the top of the receiver with the gun disassembled. You should find it there.