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turn of the century...1890s-1904

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Anything about a Hopkins Allen shotgun called the forehand it's a single shot break open hammer on the butt no sights serial number233932?

i also own a Hopkins & Allen single shot break open shotgun with "Forehand" inscribed on its side and i recently learned from another forum that Forehand was another gun manufacturing company that was taken over by Hopkins and Allen from 1901-1902. Hopkins and Allen continued to put Forehand on their models until 1903. therefore the gun you own is dated somewhere between 1901-1903.

What is the value of a Forehand Arms Co of Worchester Mass shotgun dated Feb 4 1898?

These early single-shot shotguns top out at $100. sales@countrygunsmith.net

Who built ranger single shot 12gauge shotguns?

Proofhouse.com has a store brand chart.

Pricing forehand 12ga dbl shotgun Hopkins an Allen arms co?

i have a single barreal shot gun with the serial number s 3641 can you tell me what year this is and what it's worth

What is the year and value of a Hopkins and Allen Arms Co 12 gauge forehand model single shot shotgun serial?

Your shotgun which was made between 1903-1915,will bring between 80-125 dollars,depending on overall condition.

Feb4 1898 forehand arms single shot shotgun. What is value Not sure of gauge smaller than 12 and bigger than a 410?

It's a 16 gauge shot gun I have the same one and I recommend using the lighter factory loads.

What are the teaching points of a forehand shot in badminton?

Whne you are playing a shot in badminton, each shot has its own points... A forehand is 3

What is worth ofDavenport firearms model 1885 12 gauge single shot shotgun?

what the value of a will davenport single shot shotgun 1885 in good conditcion

What is a forehand shot in badminton?

A forehand shot in badminton is where the shuttlecock is hit forward with the racquet without crossing the upper body as in a backhand shot.

What is forehand in tennis?

Forehand in tennis is a type of shot that you do with your right hand (if you are left handed you do forehand with your left hand).

Riverside arms 12 gauge single shot shotgun with?

riverside arms co. split single shot gun

Value of 75 Cherokee shotgun 12 Gage single shot?

Value of 75 Cherokee 12 gage single shot

What kind of ammo does a shotgun use?

Shotgun shells - They are loaded with different sizes of shot depending upon what you are hunting. Bird shot, buck shot or even a single slug.

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