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How old is blaze the cat?


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Blaze, Silver and Chip (Light Gaia) are all as old as Earth. They have been around billions of years to protect from Dark Gaia, Fix the past and guard the first ever chaos emeralds.

From MikuruAsahina2

Blaze The Cat is from the future along with Silver The Hedgehog

Blaze is 14 /Formation Speed

Silver is 15 /Formation Flying

Sonic is 15 /Formation Speed

Tails is 12 /Formation Flying

Knuckles is 16/ Formation Power

Rougeis 18 Formation Flying

Shadow is 65/15/Formation Speed

Omega is N/A/ Formation Power

Charmy is 6/ Formation Flying

Vector is 20/ Formation Power

Amy is well..12,13,AND 15(she is constantly aging)/ Formation Speed

Cream is 6/ Formation Flying

Big is 19 /Formation Power

Espio is 18/ Formation Speed

And I am right <3


To be honest the Wikipedea said She's 14. So i guess she is xD T make it simple :/

- Chloeskitty