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Blaze, Silver and Chip (Light Gaia) are all as old as Earth. They have been around billions of years to protect from Dark Gaia, Fix the past and guard the first ever chaos emeralds.

From MikuruAsahina2

Blaze The Cat is from the future along with Silver The Hedgehog

Blaze is 14 /Formation Speed

Silver is 15 /Formation Flying

Sonic is 15 /Formation Speed

Tails is 12 /Formation Flying

Knuckles is 16/ Formation Power

Rougeis 18 Formation Flying

Shadow is 65/15/Formation Speed

Omega is N/A/ Formation Power

Charmy is 6/ Formation Flying

Vector is 20/ Formation Power

Amy is well..12,13,AND 15(she is constantly aging)/ Formation Speed

Cream is 6/ Formation Flying

Big is 19 /Formation Power

Espio is 18/ Formation Speed

And I am right <3


To be honest the Wikipedea said She's 14. So i guess she is xD T make it simple :/

- Chloeskitty

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How old was blaze the cat in 2009?


How old was blaze the cat in 2011?

18 years old

How old was blaze the cat in 2010?

17 years old

Is blaze the cat really a cat?

WELL OF COURSE BLAZE IS A CAT.No, they are asking if Blaze is real

How old was blaze the cat in sonic generations?


Is blaze the cat 20 years old?

yes she is

How old is blaze the cat in sonic 2006?

14 years old

What breed is blaze the cat?

Blaze the cat is a Lavender Burmese Cat.

Is blaze the cat gay?

no Blaze the cat is not gay.

Is Blaze a Cat?

YES that is why she is called blaze the cat

Is Blaze the cat real?

sorry, blaze the cat is not real.

What type of real world cat is blaze the cat?

Blaze is a cat, no specific type of cat was ever given.

Is there a Blaze the Cat plush?

An official Blaze the Cat plush is yet to be released.

What tv show is blaze the cat in?

Blaze the cat is found in Super Sonic

Did Blaze the cat ever have kids?

Blaze the Cat is a lavendar female tough princes and Mobian cat. It is not known whether Blaze the Cat had kids or not. She was very tough in her own dimensions.

Are blaze the cat aqua the cat and honey the cat sisters?

Honey and Blaze are not related, and who is Aqua? A fan character?

How old is blaze the cat in soic rush?

In Sonic Rush Blaze Is 14 Years Old And Ill Tell You A Secret. To Pass Hard Stuff Get A lot of lives.

Who are Blaze the cats parents?

Can I see blaze the cat father

What is dressup blaze the cat webpage called?

blaze the cat dress up that's all needed

Where can you get a blaze the cat plush?

there is no way you can get a blaze the cat plush as far as i know... i think you will have to make it yourself!

Who is blaze the cat in the Sonic series?

Blaze the cat is the protecter of the sol emeralds in sonic the hedgehog 2006.

Who loves blaze the cat?


How tall is blaze the cat?

Blaze the cat is 95 cm (3ft 1in) (100 cm in high heels).

Which episode is blaze the cat in?

If you are referring to 'episode' as in a TV show, Blaze the Cat has never been in a Sonic cartoon.

Is blaze the cat a boy or a girl?

ummm..... If you mean from Sonic, she is a girl from warriors.......? I know no blaze the cat in warriors.

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