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Airsoft guns are searchable by serial number but usually by brand. Try looking around and in the gun for trademarks of any kind. Any markings or anything like that and then go take pictures of them, post them on a well known airsoft forum, and you're likely to get good results.

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Q: How old is enfield AirSoft rifle bb gun with serial number p370005?
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How old is your enfield rifle serial number I163658?

No way to tell from a serail number alone- and you DO realize there is more than one model of Enfield rifle?

How old is a lee-enfield rifle with serial number j9147?

Many books have been written on the Lee-Enfield. Good luck.

How old is a lee enfield with serial number nc20645?

Unaware of sn data published

Where was the Lee-Enfield 303 rifle with serial number U32885 produced?

There were 4 different .303 Enfield rifles made for the military, and others for civilian use. The link below will take you to an article of serial number blocks for different rifles.

Where was the Lee-Enfield Rifle with the serial number U16780 made?

It will be marked on the weapon itself as to who made it.

What is the age of 30 06 model 1917 enfield rifle serial number 1331997?


What is the age of 30 06 model 1917 enfield rifle serial number 1243057?

Jan 1919

Value 1917 enfield 30-06 Winchester 5 digit serial number?

1917 Winchester 30-06 has a 6 digit serial number I have a Winchester 30-06 w/a 5 digit serial number 485--

Where do you find a serial number on a 1917 enfield?

Mine is on the left side of the receiver just in front of the opening where the cartridges are loaded.

How old is a Lee Enfield 303 with the serial number45683?


Where is the serial on the 38 enfield revolver located?

Look on the butt.

How old is your Lee Enfield rifle with serial number 73338?

Seerial numbers are not unique to only one rifle. The year of manufacture is frequently stamped on the metal band at the wrist, or the left side of the receiver, depending on which MODEL Lee Enfield you have.