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Kiev was founded about 1,500 years ago.

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How old is Mstislav I of Kiev?

Mstislav I of Kiev was born on June 1, 1076 and died on April 14, 1132. Mstislav I of Kiev would have been 55 years old at the time of death or 939 years old today.

How old was Mstislav I of Kiev at death?

Mstislav I of Kiev died on April 14, 1132 at the age of 55.

Which countries and seas borders the country Kiev?

There is no country named Kiev. But there is a Kiev,Ukraine.

Which country is Dynamo Kiev in?

Dynamo Kiev is a soccer team in the city of Kiev which is in Ukraine.

When was Kiev created?

Kiev was created in 4##.

Where does the football team Dynamo Kiev come from?

Dynamo Kiev comes from the capital of Ukraine, Kiev

Which country does a chicken kiev come from?

Kiev is in the Ukraine, but i say Chicken Kiev is a French/ American dish

Where is Shevchenko in FIFA 10?

He is nowhere now, he is old and plays only in Kiev club.

Kiev is the capital of what nation?

Kiev is the capital of the Ukraine.

What state has the capital of Kiev?

Kiev is the Capital of the Ukraine.

What river is Kiev on?

The Dnieper river bisects Kiev.

What continent is kiev in?

It belongs to Europe. Kiev is in the Ukraine.

Is Kiev a capital?

Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine.

Was Kiev the center of Russia?

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine.

What country is chicken kiev from?

Chicken Kiev is from Russia from what I have heard

In what country is the city of Kiev found?

Kiev is in the country Ukraine.

When did Rostislav I of Kiev die?

Rostislav I of Kiev died in 1167.

When was Rostislav I of Kiev born?

Rostislav I of Kiev was born in 1110.

When did Igor of Kiev die?

Igor of Kiev died in 945.

When was Sviatoslav I of Kiev born?

Sviatoslav I of Kiev was born in 942.

When did Sviatoslav I of Kiev die?

Sviatoslav I of Kiev died in 972.

When did Wyszesล‚awa of Kiev die?

Wyszesława of Kiev died in 1089.

When was Wyszesล‚awa of Kiev born?

Wyszesława of Kiev was born in 1047.

When was Anthony of Kiev born?

Anthony of Kiev was born in 983.

When did Anthony of Kiev die?

Anthony of Kiev died in 1073.