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No such model. Exactly how is the rifle marked?

Marlin has a Model 39A in 22 L.R. I would love it if they made one in magnum.

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โˆ™ 2009-02-05 03:17:34
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Q: How old is the Marlin 59A 22 magnum lever action?
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Have a Marlin Model 59A lever action rifle and would like to know how old it is and what it is worth it says on the barrel The Marlin Firearms Co est 1836 Model 59A Micro Groove Can you help me?

go to: and pose the question to them Updated Answer - I believe you are probably talking about a Marlin model 39, not 59. Check here for much information about the model 39: Also as has been refernced above. Contacting Marlin Customer Service will help get the information you need.

What is the value of a Stevens 410 model 59A bolt action?


What type of ammo can be used for model 59a?

Model 59A WHAT?

What was the production era for the Stevens model 59A?

The 59a was made from 1938 - 1947.

What is the age of a Stevens Model 59A 410 shotgun?

The 59a was made from 1938 to 1947.

What kind of ammunition does a self loading bolt action model 59a rifle made by J Stevens require?

The Stevens 59A is a shotgun, not a rifle. It fires .410 ammo, both 2 1/2 and 3 inch shells.

Need parts for a jstevens model 59A 410 bolt action?

Go to Numrich Gun Parts Corp.they should help.

What is the value of a stevens model 59a bolt action shotgun?

60-140 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

How would one remove the bolt on a Stevens 59A Bolt action 410 shotgun?

AnswerTry pressing the safety down or inward while pulling the bolt rearwardMy 59A has an external screw/pin that must be removed, then the bolt will slide right out.

How can you tell how old your Stevens 410 model 59A is?

your stevens model 59A was made from 1938-1945,with a total production of 21,000.

Can a Stevens 59a 410 shotgun shoot slugs?

The Stevens 59A can shoot all size loads from #12 to slug. So in short, yes.

Where can I find a bolt action assembly for a Stevens Model 59A 410?

There is 1 on gunbroker.comStevens Mod 39A / 59 A,B,C .410 shotgun bolt Auction # 147552744

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