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the quran is about 700 years old.

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about 1400 years old

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How old is the Koran?

The Quran is hundreds of years old. The Quran was revealed to Muhammad over a period of 23 years.

Do Muslims live by the Old Testament?

No the Muslims live by the quran.

Quran book is called book of Old Testament?

No it is not called the book of the old testament. it is the book of the muslims.

What are facts about the founder of Islam?

thanks for your question: Mohammed peace be upon him was born in Makkah, Now in Saudi Arabia, he was 40 years old when the quran was revealed to him. The quran was inspired to him via the angel Gabriel, he lived 23 years preaching the quran

What did Hindus do to the quran?

what did hindus to the quran I'll tell you the hindus burned the quran here is a picture of them burning the quran

What are the five religious books?

Torah, Psalms, Old Testament, New Testament and Quran.

Is the quran of Islam the same as the Muslim quran?

Muslims follow the religion of Islam. Therefore, the Quran of Islam is the Quran of the Muslims.

What is a sentence for Quran?

The Quran is the holy book of the Muslims. He enjoys reading the Quran.

Who was ayesha in the Quran?

Ayesha is not in the quran

How was the Quran revealed?

Allah kept the Quran in the form of a preserved tablet. When it was time, Allah sent the Quran to the 4th heaven to the arch-angel Gabriel. He revealed it to the Prophet (P.B.U.H) in the "Cave Of Hira", when he was 40 years old. This took place in the holy month of Ramadan. The whole Quran was revealed in 23 years (610-632 A.D).

What is the quran stand called?

A "rehal"quran stand it is one holder for quran book.

Who is Moses in the Quran?

In the Quran, Moses is a Prophet.

Where is the index in the quran?

On the left side of the Quran.

How many years was the Quran revealed in Makkah or Mecca?

Revelation of Quran in Makkah (Mecca) was over a period of more than 12 years while Prophet Muhammad was in Mecca (Makkah).The holy Quran which Muslims believe the final revelation started when Prophet Muhammad was 40 years old and it ended when prophet was 63 years old. A total of 23 years.

What is the birth name of Quran Pender?

Quran Pender's birth name is Quran Lonn Pender.

Respect to quran?

we should respect the quran by following the quran A: We should always respect the Quran - because its the Word of God - the creater of all things.

How do the quran and sunnah work together?

The Quran is the words of Allah and sunnah follow the Quran as a path to help them to enter paradise, they read the Quran, they believe in Allah, and they believe that Allah wrote the holy Quran (which he did).

Where can quran mp3s be downloaded?

Mp3 files of the Holy Quran may be found on the following websites: Mp3Quran, All-Quran, Quranic Audio, Shaplus, Quran Central Quran Explorer and even the reputable Amazon.

Where did the words of Quran come from?

AnswerThe question is asking about the words of Quran where are coming from. Quran words are God words. Quran is the Muslims holy book and God words revealed to Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel. Quran revelation was in the same Arabic language that is used currently so it represents the real God words with no single letter modification. Belief in Quran is a basic Islam faith principle that if denied by any Muslim he/she is no longer Muslim. Quran, together with Prophet Muhammad Sunna (sayings and practices) is the source of all Islam ritual worships and morals. However, if the Question is asking about the origin of the word ' Quran" then the answer is:QURAN or KORAN is Arabic word from the old Aramaic-Syriac origin.It's origins lay in the word QORYONO (Syriac meaning "To Read").Quran word came from this word.

What is tafhimul quran?

Tafhim comes from the root fahama, to understand. Tafhimul quran means to understand the quran.

Is some of the hafiz e Quran cram the QURAN?

Aaslam o alaikum job for quran 03217716007

What is the stand that the Quran sits on called?

The stand for the Quran is often called "Quran stand", "Rehal", or "Rihal".

Why does a mosque have Quran holy books and Quran stands?

For Muslims to recite Quran, occasionally, before or after praying.

Where does the name quran come from?

"Quran" is Arabic for "the recitation".

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