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These were made between 1986-1989.

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The value of a Springfield 20 gauge pump shotgun would actually depend on a number of factors. Some of these factors would be the age and the condition of the shotgun.

The Springfield J Stevens arms 20 gauge shotgun, barrel number 94B is valued at $175 in top condition. Fair condition value is $75.

The value of a Springfield 12 gauge shotgun 67D varies by the condition of the gun. As of 2014 this gun sells for between 150.00 and 225.00 in excellent condition.

as your looking down the gun, the gauge should be stamped on the left barrel back by the stock.

take out the scew on the bottom side of the barrel

These are valued between 125-180 dollars,based on overall condition of your shotgun.

you cannot remove it. it is all in one with the receiver frame

12 gauge Springfield Arms 1916

Try Shotgun news or Try or

87 years old.If you have a 12 gauge shotgun then it was made in 1906,if your shotgun is a 16 gauge,then it was made in the year 1919.

how old is a national firearms 12 gauge shotgun serial number A23163

It is located on the left side directly above the trigger guard

We have semi-finished replacement stocks for that model.

About $140 to $160 in good condition. Less if it has a lot of wear and tear.

i need a diagram of the internal parts of this gun. where would i find it..

A shotgun with a 12 gauge bore. Gun gauge is an old traditional measurement derived from the number of balls of the size to fit the gun that can be made from one pound of lead. A 12 gauge shotgun will have a bore of .729 inch (18.53 mm).

Winchester did not make a shotgun chambered in 25 gauge,as a matter of fact there has never been a 25 gauge shotgun made.Available chamberings were 12 gauge,16 gauge,20 gauge,28 gauge,and 410 gauge.

Seeing that you did not state what gauge your shotgun is in,the Browning auto-5 shotgun chambered in 12 gauge with the serial number 49322 was made in 1921,if you have a 16 gauge model auto-5 shotgun then it was made in the year 1926.

i went to cabelas today and had my shotgun appraised. and the valued price of my springfield. 94R .20 gauge shotgun is $50 to the best $75 in mint condition. it was designed for a cheap reliable firearm for small businesses to defend themselves against burglars for intimidation

If you have a Browning auto-5 shotgun in 12 gauge it was made in the year 1925.If it is a 16 gauge shotgun,then it was made in the year 1929.

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