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A serial number is meaningless without knowing the manufacturer.

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How old is a selmer trumpet serial number 43417?

A Selmer trumpet with a serial number of 43417 was made in 1950, so as of 2013 it is 63 years old. All Selmer trumpets have a serial number and there is a chart that shows what year the trumpet was made.

How do you find an old trumpet serial number?

You can find an old trumpet serial number by counter checking on this blog (check the link under the related links section).

How old is a Bach Stradivarius 25 trumpet?

A serial number is needed to determine the age of a Bach Stradivarius trumpet.

How old is a trumpet if the serial number is 242131?

A serial number without a manufacturer is meaningless. That number for a Bach is going to have a different date than the same number on a Holton or Conn.

How old is a boosey and hawkes trumpet no 609972?

Your serial number dates it to between 1976 and 1977.

How old is a Selmer Signet Soloist trumpet serial?

A serial number is the best way to verify how old a Selmer Signet Soloist trumpet is. As a general rule, these horns were first made in the late 1960s, around 1967 to 1969.

The serial number of my Bb Bach Stradivarious trumpet is 16718 What would it's estimated value be?

I think the value of your trumpet depends more on the model of your trumpet, how old it is and of there's any dents or if any part of your trumpet docent work.

What is the value of a c.g Conn LTD Connstellation ELKHART US Trumpet serial number 683990?

In good condition, old Connstellations can easily sell for around $1,000.

How old is a piano with serial number 65053?

How old is a Kranich & Bach piano with serial number 65053?

How old is this Baldwin piano serial?

How old is this piano with serial number 1510355

How old is a Boosey and Hawkes silver trumpet 159544?

That serial is c.1958-1959 according to [this link]

How old is Johnson motor serial j8rc1c?

That is the model number not the serial number.

How old is Baldwin keyboard serial number 91002?

how old is my baldwin keyboard serial number 91002/28

How old is your Winchester 101 serial number K 236347?

how old is a Winchester 101 with a serial number of k236347

How old is Winchester 1894 serial?

without a serial number I cannot say how old it is.

How old is your Browning SG serial?

No serial number provided.

How old is a Browning A5 with the serial?

No serial number = no way to answer

How old is this gun serial number 0561682?

No way to tell from a serial number only.

How old is serial number 276372?

Impossible to answer without knowing make or serial number.

How old is your Whitney Chicago piano with serial number 149771?

How old is Whitney chicago piano with serial number 139896

How old is boosey and hawkes regent flute serial number 271809?

how old is a Regent Flute serial number 9440

How old is Winchester 3030 serial?

How old is the Model 94 Winchester 3030 serial 4554129?

How old is a packard piano serial number 132832?

How old is a Packard Piano serial # 134410

How old is a mercury 25hp motor with serial number 9526046?

how old is my mercery 25 hp motor with serial number 9526046

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