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i think you should be at least 11, because children often forget what they have to do for homework texting helps. my child is 11 in the 6th grade and she needs the cell phone to text her friends, because I'm always on the home phone and she always forgets what to do for homework so u should be 11, and if your child is mature enough to get it at 10 get them one.


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i think a kid should get a cellphone at the age of thirteen.

16 or whenever your mom and dad say so

The question is not how old, but rather how mature and responsible is the person receiving the cell phone.

if you need help you have a cellphone

You should get a cellphone when you are in grade school already. I personally think that in sixth grade they, need it like for emergencies, changes of plans, permission, or things like that.

If for emergency purposes then why not, give your child a cellphone but inform him the reason of him having a cellphone and tell him to always focus on his study.-------

I think its is a great idea. I gave my kid her first cell when she was 3rd grade and I got her the iPhone.

student should use cellphone in school because there are many reason that should allow to used it .

for emergencies, yes. but when you're 11, who do you really need to call or text?

You should get something like new cellphone or maybe something like MP4. Thanks.

some parent, they are not interested in newly cellphone ,and just need to call their friends . and old man , cellphone is a phone which is can mobile for them

When you purchased your cellphone it should have came with a manual that gives you the information on how to replace the cellphone battery in your cellphone, if not, then contacting your mobile phone provider will be your best option.

You should ask go to the places you were at with your cellphone before and ask people if they had seen a cellphone. You could also look for it in your tracks. In addition, you could go to a "lost and found" or place where lost items are held.

If your cellphone is WiFi capable simply turn WiFi on in the cellphone menu and enter the SSID and password and it should connect.

Not every phone comes with a case, but there should be a case you can buy for your specific type of phone.

Yes. If their parents allow them to.

Tagalog translation of cellphone: cellphone

12 years of age Generally around 12-14 years of age a parent will decide its necessary or acceptable for a person to get a cellphone. If you are old then this it is your choice to decide if you need a cellphone, but if you are under 18 years of age but older then 14 years of age generally your parents should allow you to have a cellphone for socialization. If your parents suggest strongly that you should not have a cellphone when your under the age of 13 you should probably listen to them because your only in gr 8 or 9 and you still don't need one. If you are 13 and over you should try to reason with your parents to explain them all the reasons you could possibly need one or you can try to make a deal such as "I will not use my cellphone for unimportant reasons".

Start telling him what you did today and that should start a conversation.

yes, gurls deserve a cell phone. they are no different then boys. and plus for emergency's!

A 10 year old doesn't need a cellphone of any colour; if they are somewhere they might need to contact their parents or for some other emergency, whoever is taking care of them at the time will be more than capable of doing so for them, or at least of providing a phone for their use.

There is no reason you should give anyone your credit card info to sell and old cellphone. It sounds like someone is trying to scam you.

students are during examination to ask doubts, but student shold use cellphone in effective manner.. they should misuse the cellphone..

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