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How old was Bartolomeu Dias when he got married?


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The age at whch Bartolomeu Dias [c. 1450-May 29, 1500] married is unknown. In fact, very little information is available about the famous navigator's life and times. Portuguese historians identify Dias as a member of a noble family, and an early resident of the royal household at the Royal Court in Lisbon. They also indicate that he had two sons, Simao and Antonio, both of whom used Dias de Novais as their last names. Because Dias was Catholic and of noble background, he most likely was married to the mother of his only two known children. But Portuguese historians haven't shared the dates, name, or personal background of the bride. Neither have they spoken of the date and place of the marriage. And none of this information is part of the family history that's passed down through generations of a bloodline. For Dias' direct family line ended with his great granddaughters, Dona Paula de Novais and Dona Violante de Castro, neither of whom married or left any known children. But perhaps the information is available in an archive in Portugal. Or it may be available through the records of the Catholic Church. For Dias' son Antonio Dias de Novais became a Knight of the Order of Christ, and married. Documentation still may exist for the ceremonies that would have been associated with both events.