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Michael Jackson was five when he joined The Jackson Brothers. At that point, They were not The Jackson 5

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Michael Jackson was 5 years old when he entered the talent show at his school.

Michael Jackson started singing in the Jackson 5 when he was 5 years old.

11 when he was in Jackson 5.

Michael was nine when the Jacksons started the Jackson 5.

Yes he was; in 1997 as part of The Jackson 5 and in 2001 as a solo artist.

Michael Jackson was 6 years old when he joined "The Jackson Brothers" in 1964. He played the Congas.

Randy Jackson no no no no no, Randy Jackson DID perform with the Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 began as Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and Michael. But, when Jermaine left the group, Randy entered the Jackson 5.

13 years old after he retired from the jackson 5

When he was 5 years old since he was part of the family.

Michael Jackson was 5 when he started in Jackson 5

Michael Jackson separated from the band when he was 19 year old until he passed away.

He was either 6 or going on 8 years old.

According to Wikipedia, Michael Jackson was born in August 1958 and joined The Jackson 5 in 1964. So, since there is no date listed as to the official creation of The Jackson 5, he was about 5.

Jackie, Tito and Jermaine formed the "Jackson Brothers" in 1964, they added Marlon and Michael in 1965 and became the "Jackson Five". Michael was 8 years old when he first performed with them.

Michael Jackson did not create the Jackson 5 his father did!

In 1963 when Michael was 5 years old.

Michael Jackson was in Gary Indiana when Jackson 5 was in process!

After leaving the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson went on with his career.

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