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He was in his mid twenties when they broke up.

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Is Michael Jackson related to The Jackson 5?

Yes. Michael Jackson Was the lead singer of The Jackson 5, until he broke up with them to play alone.

Why did Michael Jackson break up the Jackson 5?

Michael Jackson broke up with the Jackson 5 so he could have his solo career and get away from his father being the manager.

When did Michael Jackson quite the Jackson 5?

Jackson 5 broke up their group in 1990. He never actually quit.

Why Michael Jackson broke up with paul McCartney?

Because they have never been married?

What did Michael Jackson do after he broke up with the Jackson's?

He immediately went to work on launching his solo career.

How old was Michael Jackson in the Jackson 5?

he started doing the Jackson 5 bout aged 6 to age 15In 1968,They Auditioned for Berry Gordy and Michael was 9 at the time,in 1969,They made it to Motown records and He was 10. The Jackson five broke up around the 80's but they Reunited in 1984.

When did Michael Jackson sign up with Motown and how old was he when that happen?

Michael Jackson was first signed to Motown Records as part of the Jackson Five in 1969. He was 11 years old at the time.

Did Michael Jackson write for the Beatles?

He was eleven years old (though early press releases claimed he was two years younger) when they broke up, and had not begun writing songs. So no.

How did Michael Jackson quit the Jackson-5?

He didn't quit the Jackson 5. They broke up in 1990. They did the album "Triumph" in 1980, They did the album "Victory" in 1984, and they did the single "2300 Jackson Street" in 1989!

What did Michael Jackson learn as he was growing up?

Michael Jackson learned how to sing and dance

Who is richer Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson is richer, Michael Jordan is worth about 1 million ,Michael Jackson is up there in the billions michael is the richer kid and is a short fish Opin

How old was Michael Jackson when he first got up on stage?

he was 6 when he first got up on stage he was in the first grade

When did the Jackson five break up?

They broke up in the year 1995.

Did Michael Jackson leave Jackson 5?

No. The band (called The Jacksons) broke up in 1990. Michael's popularity did make it hard for him to do anything besides his own music, because he had so much work to do. === ===

Has any singer ever beat Michael Jackson?

No. Michael Jackson is one of the most famous singer in the World. No one has ever beat Michael Jackson before. You VS Michael Jackson, you will never win. No one has ever tied up with Michael Jackson before.

What celebrity does Chris Brown look up to?

i believe the celebrity he looks up to is Michael Jackson Michael Jackson is Chris Brown's idol.

What song did Michael Jackson do with the Beatles?

The Beatles were breaking up as the Jackson 5 were first becoming famous. Jackson never performed or recorded with the Beatles. He recorded "The Girl Is Mine" and "Say Say Say" with Paul McCartney, more than ten years after the Beatles broke up.

Could the illuminati hire the doctor to kill Michael Jackson?

The (real life, not modern imaginary) Illuminati broke up ca. 1785. So it's impossible.

Who came up with OMG?

Michael Jackson

Which siblings made up the Jackson five?

Michael Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Jackie Jackson, and Tito Jackson.

What makes Michael Jackson a hero?

Michael Jackson was a hero because he loved everything on this planet and never gave up

Did Amy lee like Michael Jackson?

Yes , Amy Lee liked Michael Jackson while she was growing up .

What are some good Michael Jackson fanfics and where do you find them?

Quizilla.com just look up Michael Jackson in the "stories" catagory.

Why did Jackson 5 break up?

jermiane Jackson,tito Jackson,Jackie,and marlon Jackson all wanted Michael to be a single person singing and it was Jackie Jackson that gave Michael Jackson the idea of the moonwalk

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