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Around 50 years old

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Q: How old was Paul when converted on the road to Damascus?
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What books in the Old Testament were written by Paul?

The Old Testament was completed by the second century BCE, long before Paul lived. He did not write any books in the Old Testament.

How Old was the Apostle Paul after the crucifixion of Jesus?

apostle paul was very very old

How old is Christianity?

Depends on what you mean by the age. the actual practice came from Judaism. But Jesus had followers that changed Judaism and made it a new religion. So around 2011 years.Paul (also known as Saul) started Christianity as we know it. He claims he was converted on the road to Damascus, probably around 50AD. This is about 15 years after Christians believe Jesus died.The Gospels were written later, and probably based on Paul's teachings. So Christianity can be dated back to around 50AD, when Paul started preaching and writing. People were already practising Christianity at the time of Paul's conversion, but they left no written records that I know of.Answer 2 Christianity as Jesus taught it was Old Testament. So to be accurate Jesus taught Judaism, but corrected those (Jews) who tried to interject what they thought or said that God wanted or expected others to believe or practice. Jesus says in Matthew 5:17 that the Old Testament is "the Law" God's Law or Torah, and that it would never become obsolete. So to accurately date the Christian religion one must include its core, Judaism. Judaism started around 2000BC. So that would make Christianity around 4000 years old. Note: Many people would regard Answer 2 as incorrect. While Jesus did come to fulfil the Jewish (Old Testament) scripture, and Christians look at this to prove the legitimacy of Christ, Christianity begins with the preaching of Jesus (when he was aged about 30) and comes into being with his public resurrection from the dead. Christ's death and resurrection are the start of Christianity - think about it - if those events did indeed happen they are the most important human event ever.

How old was apostle paul when he started his ministry?

The book of Acts tells about how the apostle Paul was a young man when he started his ministry. The Bible does not give an exact age.

How long is 1500 meters in time?

Length and time are different fundamental dimensions, and neither of them can be converted into the other one. If they could be converted back and forth, then you could easily tell someone how many meters old you are, or how many minutes high your house is.

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All about the apostle paul?

Paul is one of the more significant writers of the Bible. Paul's old name was Saul before he was converted. This is irony that he is so beloved because he persecuted followers of Jesus. Paul had not actually known Jesus and he was converted on the road to Damascus. Paul wrote at least seven books of the Bible. When Paul caused a disruption in Jerusalem, he was arrested and put under 2 years of house arrest then put to death.

Did Saul see God?

Saul of the Old Testament did not. Saul (Paul) of the New Testament did not see God but he heard the voice of Jesus while on the road to Damascus.

How old was paul on the road to Damascus?

Paul came after Jesus was crucified and arose.

How old was Paul when he stop hating Jesus?

The Bible does give paul's age, but as he was believed to initially be in the Sanhedrin which had a minimum age of 30, if you added a couple of years for the explosive growth of the early church after Pentecost, then a couple more for his persecution and witchunting of Christians up to the time of his conversion on the road to Damascus, that would make Paul about 35.

How old was Saul when he was going to Damascus?

The New Testament never provides a specific age for Saul (Paul). It states that he was a "young man" when introducing him in Acts 7:58, and his journey to Damascus took place not long after.

How old is Damascus Syria?

Damascus is one of the most ancient cities in the world.

What was in the city of Damascus in the Bible days?

There were a lot of unbelievers in Damascus in Bible days, and many adversaries came from there to challenge the children of Israel. There are 56 references to Damascus from the Old and New Testaments

Does an old Harrington and Rchardson 12 gauge have a Damascus barrell?

Depends on how old it is. Depends on how old it is.

How old is Damascus?

Damascus is the capital city of Syria. History of Damascus dates back to 965 BC when Ezron the King of Aram-Zobah conquered Damascus. However, carbon dating has place the oldest artifacts in the area to around 6300 BC.

How old is the oldest city in the world?

Damascus is the oldest city in the world.

How old was apostle Paul at his conversion?

He was on a journey to the city of Damascus. Acts Chapter 9, verse 3 says "he came near Damascus" when a light shone around him. After being blinded, he went to Damascus to be healed by Ananias and Paul stayed with him. Later, he went away to Tarsus(I believe) for a few years.

How much later did Saint Paul live than Jesus Christ?

By the calendar, some biblical scholars date the death of Christ to April 31 AD and the subsequent death of Paul to January 67 AD. This would be 36 years after the Crucifixion & Resurrection.