The Crucible (play)

How old was Reverend Hale in The Crucible by Arthur Miller?


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"nearing 40" Act I (Page 32)

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Reverend Hale is a minister from Beverly who is an expert in demonic arts. Rev. Parris asks Rev. Hale to investigate the situation in Salem.

Reverend Hale makes Tituba feel important by telling her she has been chosen to help cleanse the village. "The Crucible" is a play that was written by Arthur Miller.

Reverend Hale is advising, actually begging, the condemned to confess, even though he knows the confessions would be lies. The Arthur Miller play 'The Crucible' premiered on January 22, 1953.

First he has him recite his commandments and he forgets adultery; then Reverend Hale wants John to confess because he believes that dying is a worse sin than lying.

Reverend Parris is a character in Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible. He sent for Reverend Hale because Parris needed an expert on witchcraft and he wanted Reverend Hale's help in hunting down witches.

If you are talking about The Crucible by Arthur Miller then Reverand Hale wants John Proctor to take his knowledge of Abagail's lies to the court and expose her. John is hesitant to do so for fear that Abagail will tell everyone about their affair

John Proctor, Rev. Parris, Rev. Hale, Abigail Williams

When Abigail is accused of witchcraft, she is quick to blame Tituba. She says that Tituba influences her spirit to make her laugh in church.

Parris wants to save his reputation while Hale wants to save the people.

Your question doesn't make any sense. Try to correct it then repost it.

Reverend John Hale is an expert on demonology.

The Reverend wants John Proctor to take the information he has to court and expose Abigail for being a liar and a fraud. This idea is upsetting to John because he is worried Abigail will try to get revenge by telling everyone they had an affair. The Crucible was penned by Arthur Miller.

Reverend Hale is a fictional character in the book, The Crucible. He is the spiritual doctor in the town of Salem.

In The Crucible, Reverend Hale was called to Salem during the Witch Trials. He was there to see if he could uncover any evidence of witchcraft.

The cast of The Crucible - 1980 includes: Sarah Berger as Abigail Williams Lynn Dearth Michael Harbour as John Proctor Daniel Massey as Reverend Hale Eric Porter as Governor Danforth Denis Quilley as Reverend Parris Sarah Sutton as Susannah Walcott Peter Vaughan as Judge Hawthorne

Giles Corey reveals to Rev. Hale that his wife has been reading big, wierd books and that he couldn't pray while she was there. But when she left that he could pray just fine, thus giving reason to accuse Martha of witchcraft.

because he thinks that there is witchcraft going on in Salem.

Hale goes to Proctor's house to examine Elizabeth about the poppet.

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