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The age he was when he became a president is 48

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Rutherford B. Hayes was 55 years old when he became president.

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Q: How old was Rutherford Hayes when he became president?
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Which president was nicknamed Old 8 to 7?

President Rutherford B. Hayes

How old would Rutherford B. Hayes be today?

Rutherford B. Hayes (19th president of the US) was born on October 4, 1822 and died on January 17, 1893 (age 70). In 2016, Hayes would be 94 years old.

How old was Rutherford Hayes when he died?

Rutherford B. Hayes (1822-1893) was 70 years old when he died.

Was Rutherford b Hayes killed?

Rutherford B. Hayes died of a heart disease or heart attack.

How old is Rutherford B. Hayes?

Rutherford B. Hayes was born on October 4, 1822 and died on January 17, 1893. Rutherford B. Hayes would have been 70 years old at the time of death or 192 years old today.

What did Rutherford Bhayes have to agree to do in order to become president?

Rutherford B Hayes in order to become president he have to be at least 35years old,he have to be a natural born U.S citizen,he have to be living in the United states for over 14years.

How did Rutherford B. Hayes die?

Old Age.

Three presidents who were republicans born in Ohio and generals in the union army?

Ulysses Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, and James A. Garfield. William McKinley was also an Ohio-born Republican Union Army veteran who became president, who served in the same regiment with Hayes before Hayes was promoted. McKinley was a much younger man and never became a general though. By the time McKinley became president all the ex-generals were too old or already dead. McKinley was the last Union Army vet to be president.

What president was called old eight to seven?

Rutherford Hayes was given this name by some people, due to the vote in the committee that ruled on the credentials of the disputed electors in the election of 1876. By an 8-7 vote they ruled to accept the credentials of the electors who voted Hayes into office.

Which president had a horse called old whitey?

Both Zachary Taylor (1784-1850) and Rutherford B. Hayes (1822-1893). (see the related links).

How old was Rutherford B. Hayes when he died?

He was 70 years old. Died of a heart attack.

What was Rutherford B. Hayes age when he was elected?

54 years old.