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Classical Music

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What is a cantor

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Q: How old was peter tchaikovskys nephew?
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What musical time period Tchaikovsky?

What is Peter Tchaikovskys musical time period

What was peter tchaikovskys moms name?

His mom was Alexandra Andreyeuna and is Dad was Il'ya Petrovich.

What caused peter tchaikovskys death?

Cholera, which he contracted by drinking unboiled water during an epidemic.

How Jackson is 6 years older than3 time the age of his nephew. Jackson is 30 years old. how old is his nephew?

His nephew is 8.

How old is Chris brown's nephew?

Chris brown's nephew is 10

When is tchaikovskys birthday?

january, 12 2001

In The Hiding Place who was Corrie's favorite nephew?

Peter (Nollie and Flip's son)

How old is Beyonce's nephew?

he is 3 years old

Who was tchaikovskys principal patron?

Nadezhda Filaretovna Von Meck.

Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovskys place of death?

St. Petersburg

Spider-Man's real name?

Peter Parker. He's the nephew of Ben and May Parker. :)

How old is Thomas 'Nephew Tommy' Miles?

US comedian Thomas Miles aka Nephew Tommy is 50 years old (born May 18, 1967).

How old is Chris Brown nephew?


How old is beyonce nephew?

He was born in 1987

Who was the nephew of old pyncheon?

jaffrey pyncheon

What was Tchaikovskys Musical style period?

Romantic, in the second half of the 1800s.

How old is nephew Tommy on the Steve Harvey morning show?

he is 40 yrs old

What is masculine for niece?


Was Pyotr Tchaikovskys married?

He married once. They separated after 6 weeks but never divorced.

What was Tchaikovskys fullname?

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

What is a good present for your 21 year old nephew?


Can you adopt your 15 year old nephew?

Absolutely, if you are an adult .

How old was C.S. Lewis when he wrote the magician's nephew?

He was 55.

Who is your nephew's nephew?

Your nephew's nephew is the son of one of your nephew's brothers or sisters. He is your great nephew.

What was Corrie ten Boom's nephew called?

Corrie had two well-known nephews. Peter, son of her sister Nollie, had incredible musical talent. Her other well-known nephew was Kik, son of her brother Willem.