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the oldest yellow lab is Alex. She 15 years and 11 and 1/2 months old. She is owned by Joe, Renee, Joseph, Chandler, and Anderson Ward who live in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

um actually i have a yellow lab that's 17 years old.

Our dog Lady is currently 15 1/2 years old. Isn't it nice that our pets live to such a ripe old age. She's still such a well mannered dog. We're all so lucky to have our pets with us for such a long period of time.

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Who is the oldest fullbred yellow lab to ever live?

the oldest fullbred yellow lab is now 15 and 7 and old and his name was jewels (he was put to sleep on November 1, 2008) My fullbred yellow lab "Rueger" from Salem, Oregon had to be put down 12 days shy of his 17th birthday on December 21st, 2011. (16 years 353 days old.)

How old is the oldest black lab?


How much should a 5 month old yellow lab weigh?

I have a 5 mounth old yellow lab and she weighs 55 pounds

What kind of puppies will a yellow lab and another yellow lab have?

Yellow Lab not necessarly, my puppies i have came from a yellow and a yellow and 1 is a yellow the other is a black lab, and 1 is a chocolate lab It depends on if they are pure bred and what kind of genetics they have.

What color puppy will you get if you breed a black lab with a yellow lab?

we got a yellow lab from a chocolate lab and a yellow lab so i am guessing there will be blacks and yellows

How old is the oldest betta fish?

the oldest living is 10 years old kept under lab conditions but is usually up to 6 years max

How early can a yellow lab get pregnant?


What is bigger black lab or yellow lab?

Yellow Labs

What kind of puppies will a yellow lab and chocolate lab have?

They will have a lab that is light brown with a hint of yellow...

Which is better a German sheperd or yellow lab?

yellow lab is cuter and better

What is the personality of a yellow lab?

A yellow lab is a kind, loving, happy, caring, sweet dog who just loves to have fun. Take a yellow lab swimming with a toy and you will have a very happy yellow lab! I know this because I have a yellow lab. cw: The yellow lab will typically pay attention to it owner; if the owner is happy, the dog will be happy, but if worried, the dog frets, too.

Why wont our old yellow lab not eat much anymore?

because you have to pick up the food with your hand and your lab will eat out of your hand.

Can a black lab and chocolate lab have a yellow lab?


How big is a 2 month old yellow lab?

about 40cm tall and about 40cm long.

What is the oldest wolf's name in yellow stone national parks name?

The Oldest Wolf in Yellow Stone National Park was named Black Wolf he lived to be 12 years old he was thought of to been the worlds old est wolf that ever walked in Yellow Stone

Can you get yellow labs from black labs?

Actually, you can if there is yellow lab in the bloodline. If their great, great grandparents were yellow, then there is that small chance you will get a yellow lab.

How old was the oldest black lab?

Born in mar 1983, Die in aug 2009. The oldest Black lab I know about was 25 HUMAN years old. Please note it was blind and mostly deaf for the last 6 years of its life. But I don't believe in killing them (Putting them down...)

What is the record for the oldest Betta fish?

The oldest betta fish was 10 years old, but kept in lab conditions. You can keep your betta in your house for about 3-5 years.

How much should your 9 month old female yellow lab weigh?

1 bl

How old does a yellow lab have to be to have pups?

i recomend at least 2 years because they are all devoloped

What does a yellow lab and chocolate lab cross look like?

a choclate lab and yellow lab are the same breed, they just have diffrent color coats so they WILL look the SAME

What is the average weight for a 4 month old yellow lab?

I have a 4 1/2 month old yellow lab who just chewed up the baseboards today. She looks fit and weighs 32 lbs. However, I have been told that her siblings are somewhat bigger.

What kind of puppies will a chocolate lab and black lab have?

Most of the time it doesn't matter what color the parents are they can have all colors. With yellow on yellow you will get predominantly yellow, and same with the "lemon" lab also.

What is the oldest Betta fish on record?

The oldest betta fish was 10 years old and kept in lab conditions. Usually, you can keep a betta from 3-5 years in your home.

How much should your 9 month old yellow lab weigh?

They usually weigh 55 to 80 pounds. It also depends if the lab is male or a female.

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