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How old you have to be to get a job at Target store in Michigan?


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no you have to be at least 12 or16 the way i see it

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try a grocery store or a market maybe staples target you know any store that is hiring

You have to be 16 to work at target, but im not sure if it is the same throught the country.

i am 15 working at kohls detroit, michigan.

target marshalls kmart walmart and old navy

A 17 year old person can legally hold a full time job in Michigan. There may be some restraints on the hours they are allowed to work though.

16 year old r most likely to get a job in a clothing store. All it takes is to no money really. -Sarah

You have to be 11, but you also need a legal permit that you get from your school office.

You can get a job at Target, Grocery Stores, annd maybe even Clothe Stores.

When your 13 you can babysitting but at 16 you can work a store.

no it would be illegal for any department store to hire an 11 year old

12 year old children can't get a job in a store, because their not older enough. It would violate the Child Labor Law.

Job applications for the clothing chain Old Navy are available both online and in store. To get an application in store, approach a sales associate and request a copy.

ANSWER: A 11-year old could get a job. Not a job in a store or something like that, but you could work in a family owned business.

You can probably get a job at the Kroger or food store! This is Waldorf,Md Right? You can probably get a job at the Kroger or food store! This is Waldorf,Md Right?

Go get a job at some store that sells music.

well its hard to find a job but i got a job a t a grocery store

a 10 year old kid can get a job from the corner store all they have to do is get their parents to sign the papers. lol

A 14 year old can't get a job in a store or restaurant. A 14 year old may be able to get a job babysitting, dog walking, or doing yard work.

yes you can but its limited you can got a half decent job at a store

Any job like in a grocery store or fast food restaurant or places like target and wall mart.But you can only work for minimum wage and you need a work permit. Iheard you could work at Chick-fil-a too.

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