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Q: How osmosis works in the food preservation?
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What are the significance of osmosis to food preservation methods such as salting and drying?

Salting, sugar-curing, &c. apply osmosis in that both of these compounds are hygroscopic and thus draw water out of the food to be preserved over the semi-permeable surface of the food, from one solution into another, thus making the environment inhospitable for most bacteria and mold. Simple air drying works in the same way, but osmosis is not a factor; evaporation is.

What is drying meat?

Drying is a method of food preservation that works by removing water from the food

What are the concepts of food preservation?

food preservation is a preserved food

How does cryo preservation work?

Cryopreservation works by slowing down the metabolism of cells until they can no longer function. This is done by lowering the temperature until all water in the cells freeze or is removed by osmosis.

What is the description of food preservation?

Food preservation is a way to keep food edible and healthy.

What is chemical preservation?

a type of preservation of food

What are the raw materials use in food preservation?

what are the raw materials in food preservation

What does Compartmentalization in food preservation mean?

I want to know about compartmentalization in food preservation technique

Is food preservation a chemical change?

The food preservation may be sometimes a chemical process.

What is food preservation on the pH scale?

there is no food preservation on the pH scale?

What are the modern methods employed for food preservation?

The modern method employed for food preservation, is freezing.

What are common additives and preservation used in food preservation?

additvisand preservatives used food preparation