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If kids parents cheated on their spouse when they were growing up, it sets the example for the kids showing that that is what someone does during a relationship. So monkey see, monkey do.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-27 17:38:09
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Q: How parents are responsible for their children cheating?
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How long are parents responsible for the care of children?

Parents are responsible for the care of their children until age 18.

Who has more responsibility parents to their children or children to their parents?

Parents are completely responsible for their children's wellbeing, so it's parents to children.

Why should we blame our parents for children's misbehavior?

Parents are responsible for children's behavior as long as the children are minors. Parents are responsible for teaching their children right from wrong. Parents are responsible for assessing consequences when their child does something wrong to teach the child a lesson.

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Parents teach their children on how to behave.

if children do a crime should parents do the time?

NO. although parents are responsible for their children they cant control their children's actions, they can only guide them

What Is legal age for parents to be responsible for children in MA?

Parents are responsible from birth until they become adults and in MA that is 18.

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Their parents or legal guardians.

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