How past the expire date is a cake mix okay?


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about a week and a half or so

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Coconut water can expire and the expiration date is shown on the package. When the water has past the expiration date, it's best to discard.

You shouldn't eat cake if the flour used to make it is way past the expiration date.

Somewhere on the box, can, jar or wrapper there will be a date. It will either say sell by or use by, then a number. If it says sell by, you can probably use the product a few days after the date. If it says use by then it will be bad after that date. Also, if it says best if used by, it is okay to eat it past the date but it will taste better before.

Usually there is a best before date printed on the shell - look at that and throw out if past this date.

Any food product 8 years past its expiration date should be thrown out.

i dont know why dont you taste to see or check it

its because it isn't water. also you can keep milk past it's "expiration date" by putting it in the fridge.

Expired is the past tense of expire.

The past tense is: You bought cake.

Pies are not good forever since they do expire because of them being a baked good, most pies will expire between a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 4 days past their expiration date if they're in the refrigerator and they will last between 6 to 9 months past their date if they're placed in the freezer.

Depending on how far past the expire date it is, it may not be quite as strong but it doesn't spoil.

If it looks and smells right, bake on.

Definately Not recommended! But, it also depends on if you were prescribed monthly contacts. If you wear them past the recommended time frame, you put yourself at risk of some severe eye infections! Lenses collect bacteria and other inpurities from normal wear; The manufactor's can not guarantee them after they expire. I believe an unopened, unused contact will last past the expiration date, but that date is when they no longer have a guarantee to be free of impurities.

The word 'expired' is the past participle, past tense of the verb to expire. The past participle of the verb also functions as an adjective.The noun forms of the verb to expire are expiration and the gerund, expiring.

I'd be careful and just not use it... Usually groceries can last about a week after the expiration date, but I still wouldn't use it.

It is okay as long as it does not smell bad. Do not let sit up to a week after the expiration date. Even if it does not look bad it may cause mild harm to the person that drinks it but if it is maximum 4 days after the expiration and it does not seem to have gone bad it okay to drink.

Anchovies may not be quite as tasty after the expiration date but being packed in oil, canned and salted you aren't in any danger from food poisoning if they are only a month past.

The past tense is a verb tense that indicates something happened in the past.They ate the cake. - this sentence is past tense.The past participle is a word that is used to construct tenses such as present perfect, past perfect or passive.They have eaten the cake. (past participle is in bold)They had eaten the cake for breakfast.Bread is eaten at every meal

Expiration is a noun. The verb form is expire, and the past tense is expired.

Either "he had cut the cake", or "he cut the cake".

if its just for you well then whenever but if its for more than just you then NEVER... how could you do such a thing...

Dated is the past tense of date.

When you enter the country and are issued your documents your name and the expiration date of your documents is entered into a computer database. When your documents expire the computer 'spits out' your information. If you are still in the country after that time you are here illegaly.

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