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How physiologically does pain radiate through the nerves?

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Pain travels from a position to another. That happens through the sensitivity of the nerves.For example: 'Mid Back pain radiate' is faster since a bundle of nerves pass through your spinal chord. The prostaglandins produced due to muscle spasms or strains cause heating effects on the site of the pain.

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How do pain messages reach the brain?

Through the nerves.

Can you use radiate in a sentence?

Does the pain in your elbow radiate to your hand(?)

Warning of a heart attack pain may radiate down the?

pain may radiate down the arm

What is the warning of a heart attack pain may radiate down?

A warning that a hard attack may occur is pain radiating through your dominate arm.

Does Arthritis in theneck cause pain in both arms?

Yes arthritic pain can radiate a long way from the source . Arthritis can cause narrowing of the spaces between the bones or inflammation around the places that nerves pass through. this can interfere withe operation of the muscles and feeling all the way down the arm.

Why do you have muscle spasms when you have nerve back pain?

Nerves pass through (innervate) every muscle in our bodies. Whether you injured a nerve, or injured a muscle, the nerves will be inflamed and irritated. This causes pain.

What are the symptoms one should look out for in case one might have sciatic nerve damage?

There often be pain in the joints and ligaments. There is often a feeling of arthritis in the joints. The pain can radiate to the nerves around the old injury making it difficult to walk.

What is neuralgia?

Neuralgia is a sharp pain that affects nerves, whether it be individual nerves or a group of nerves. Neuralgia is a special type of pain in that it occurs without the stimulation of a pain receptor. How does the pain occur? When the nerve or nerves it's affecting are irritated or damaged.

Is right sided body pain a neurological problem?

May be some problems in nerves Pain is transmitted by the nerves. Neurology is the study of the nerves so in this sense it has something to do with neurology but the pain is unlikely to be caused by the nerves.

Does back problems radiate pain in shoulders?


What is the medical term that means pain affecting many nerves?

Pain affecting many nerves

What is the purpose of the spinal nerves?

Spinal nerves are pain receptors that carry signals to the brain when pain is felt.

Pain in the nerves?


How do you relieve back pain through the foot?

Our feet has all the nerves which is related to our body, so we have to find out the nerve which cause back pain and have to acupuncture the area thus our pain relieve.

What is carpal tunel syndrome?

It is an inflamation (swelling) of the ligaments in the "carpal tunnel." This is the tunnel that the nerves in your hand pass through. The swelling presses on the nerves, causing tingling, numbness and pain.

Why do you have severe pain in ankle after knee surgery?

because the nerves that are in your knee, also run through your whole leg, the nerves were re-directing the pain somewhere else. i had the SAME problem after both my surgeries. my ankles swelled up and i was in so much pain i was yelling to make it stop.

How does alcohol interrupt pain signals?

Pain signals are carried to the brain from the spinal cord through nerves. Alcohol slows down the brain and central nervous system, allowing a pain relief.

How do nerves feel pain?

They just do

Do veins feel pain?

No, they do not but nerves do

What is the medical Term meaning pain affecting many nerves?

Polyneuralgia is the medical term meaning pain affecting many nerves.

What would cause sharp chest pain to radiate towards your right shoulder through your armpit and down your arm?

A heart attack or stroke

Can the brain be in pain itself?

There are no sensory nerves for pain in the brain itself.

Where do you feel pain when occipital nerves are injured?

Trauma to these nerves can cause a pain that originates from the lower area of the neck between the shoulder blades.

Why does pancreatic pain radiate to shoulder?

it doesn't it radiates to the back (see your embryology)

What would cause pain in left arm and radiate into your ribs?

A heart attack.